Helpful Tips The Help Panel

Helpful Tips The Help Panel

Helpful Tips and Tricks

There are many little tips and tricks that you will naturally pick up as you play Path of Exile, but here's a few that will make life in Wraeclast easier.

Quickly Moving Items:

While your stash or a vendor window is open, you can hold down 'Ctrl' and click items to quickly move them into or out of your inventory.

Seeing Detailed Item Information:

Holding Alt while hovering over an item in your inventory will display it against what you have equipped. It will also show any extra information if the item uses some complex or obscure game terms.

Filtering Out Items:

Your stash has a field at the bottom that lets you filter out items.

At high levels you may find that item drops fill up your screen. In the UI tab of the Options menu you'll find an option to turn on an item filter. Item filters will limit which items are displayed and when.

Shared Stash:

If you pick up a cool unique item or see a skill gem you want to use but it doesn't suit your build, stick it in your stash! Remember, your stash is shared across all of your characters in that league. Don't be afraid to make a new character and try out a new build. Building new characters is a big part of what makes Path of Exile so much fun.

Efficiently Crafting:

Currency that enhances an item's quality works more effectively on Magic and Normal items. If you want to craft an item or need an item with a certain amount of quality, try enhancing the item before you upgrade its rarity.

Hybrid Mods:

Some item mods, such as "Squire's" on weapons and "Beetle's" on armour-based body armours, can give the appearance of actually being two mods. These are hybrid mods, and are actually single mods that grant two stats at lower values. That means you may still be able to craft an extra mod onto that item! If you're unsure if you have room on an item or not, try putting it in a Master's crafting bench.

Needing Help:

If you ever get stuck, don't be afraid to ask for help. If players in the global chat can't answer your questions, you can always visit our forums.

Managing Instances:

If you want to run the same area many times back to back, you will need to create new instances. You can do this by Ctrl+Clicking the waypoint marker on the World Screen of the area you want to rerun while you're at a waypoint, or the entrance to the area you want to rerun when you're in an adjacent area. This opens the Instance Manager, which displays all of the instances of that area that you currently have access to, how long they have until they close, which servers they are connected to, and which players are in each one.


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