Malachai's Dedication

Malachai's Dedication
Hideout Doodads
Stack Size: 1 / 20
Creates an object in your hideout
Shift click to unstack.
DropLevel 1
BaseType Malachai's Dedication
Class Hideout Doodads
SoundAudio/Sound Effects/ItemSounds/orb_use.ogg
Malachai's Dedication Audio /1 ⍟

Malachai's Dedication Audio /1 ⍟

ReadOn this day, the eve of this Rapture's completion, I honour those who have passed and whose passion and knowledge have brought us to the brink of salvation.

Inquisitor Maligaro, a creative force without equal.

Shavronne of Umbra, an aesthete of transcendent sensibility.

Doedre Darktongue, an idol of fervor and dedication.

You taught me far more than I ever taught you, my students... my friends. We strove to make a greater world together and, in your memory, I shall make that world a reality.