Mercurial Shop /13 ⍟
MercurialHelmetMercurial Helmet
Changes the appearance of any equipped helmet to the Mercurial Helmet.
MercurialBootsMercurial Boots
Changes the appearance of any equipped boots to the Mercurial Boots.
MercurialGlovesMercurial Gloves
Changes the appearance of any equipped gloves to the Mercurial Gloves.
MercurialBodyMercurial Body Armour
Changes the appearance of any equipped body armour to the Mercurial Body Armour.
MercurialWingsMercurial Wings
Adds the Mercurial Wings back attachment to any equipped body armour.
MercurialShieldMercurial Shield
Changes the appearance of any equipped shield to the Mercurial Shield.
weapon_MercurialWeaponEffectMercurial Weapon Effect
Adds the Mercurial Weapon Effect to any equipped weapon.
MercurialTornadoShotEffectMercurial Tornado Shot Effect
Your Tornado Shot becomes a Mercurial Effect.
MercurialExsanguinateEffectMercurial Exsanguinate Effect
Your Exsanguinate becomes a Mercurial Effect.
MercurialCharacterEffectMercurial Character Effect
Attaches the Mercurial Character Effect to your belt.
MercurialCharacterEffect1Mercurial Character Effect1
Attaches the Mercurial Character Effect1 to your belt.
MercurialCharacterEffect2Mercurial Character Effect2
Attaches the Mercurial Character Effect2 to your belt.
MercurialCharacterEffect3Mercurial Character Effect3
Attaches the Mercurial Character Effect3 to your belt.

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