The Fetid Pool

The Fetid Pool
Id: 1_1_3a
Act: 1
Area Level: 5
Sluggish waters simmering with decay.
The Fetid Pool Attr /12
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Monster Level5
NotesSluggish waters simmering with decay.
Connected AreaThe Mud Flats
Vaal AreaStrange Sinkhole
BossKadavrus the Defiler
Tagsshore, area_with_water, fetid_area, necromancer_area
Card TagsDeath
The Wretched
The Craving Boss
The Lich Boss
(Old) Divination CardThe Metalsmith's Gift
The Summoner
  • Tarkleigh The Fetid Pool: You've seen the Fetid Pool, have you? Or smelt it, rather. Stinks like a carcass in high summer. But that's not the worst of it.

    Dead birds walking. Animals don't rise up again the same as people do here. So if they aren't raising themselves, what's doing it for them? The answer's in that Fetid Pool.

    Clear the place out and kill whatever's raising those rhoas. We've got enough living dead to contend with already.
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    LevelNameExperienceDamageAttack TimeLifeArmourEvasionEnergy Shield
    5Kadavrus the Defiler561150.78391,695421444200200
    5Bone Rhoa71121.395475014400000
    5Ancient Archer6191.29404215800000
    5Ancient Bonestalker51120.975384814400000
    5Dripping Dead46142.4456314400000
    5Dripping Dead46142.4456314400000
    5Dripping Dead46142.4456314400000

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