The Last to Die
Hideout Doodads
The Last to Die HellscapeNPC /8

The Last to Die HellscapeNPC /8

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DropLevel 1
BaseType The Last to Die
Class Hideout Doodads
SoundAudio/Sound Effects/ItemSounds/orb_use.ogg
The Last to Die Text Audio /31 ⍟

The Last to Die Text Audio /31 ⍟

IntroductionThere's no time. I've become too weak to sustain the Blood Crucible. Take it... make its power your own.
Dream FurnaceYou found the Dream Furnace? It was an ill-fated invention from a more hopeful time. It brought us only sorrow... but perhaps, in your hands, things will go differently.
HellscapeNPCBloodCrucibleInstalledIt likes the taste of you. The wound around it will never fully heal, because the Crucible is hungry. You've got to feed it with what you do best: spilling blood. If you don't, it'll thirst for yours.

We are out of time. Go, activate the Blood Crucible. Shift into the Nightmare. Discover the horrible truth for yourself.
The NightmareYou see now, don't you? The Scourge are countless in number and infinite in hunger. I've fought them for most of my life, and accomplished nothing except outliving... everyone else. The Crucible is yours now. You must carry on the war. When you assault them in the ravaged lands, you can steal some of their power. The Crucible will absorb the Corruption of those you slay. Do what you know you must.
Demonic ScourgeThose horrific creatures... I look at them and I wonder... what part of them thinks? Some don't have heads. Some are just monstrous claws or mouths... what if they don't think at all? What if something else does the thinking, and they're just drones? Stomping a few ants on the surface does nothing to harm the underground hive...
Flesh ScourgeThey hunger for flesh. That's their primary drive. They do seem capable of thought, but I've never been able to communicate with them. I suppose I wouldn't have much to say to a rabbit if I was starving...
Pale ScourgeThe pale demons are blind, but that just makes them more dangerous. They have other ways of finding their victims... they are especially drawn to the smell of fear. They'll still sense you, though, no matter what.
The Blood CrucibleThey're out there, Exile. The demons. They're ravaging and pillaging and consuming all around us, even as we speak. You can't see them yet... but you will. The Blood Crucible will take you to them, and perhaps that killing talent of yours can make a difference.
ChaosThe Blood Crucible represents a pact between the entity known as Chaos and the bloodlines of the High Priests of the Vaal, forged long ago in the height of the empire's madness. I am the last of the sole remaining bloodline, so if I die, the Crucible will cease to function. That is why you must continue on in my place.
Other WraeclastsCountless times, I have seen the works of man reduced to nothing under a colossal tide of horror. Through countless Shifts, I only saw one Wraeclast survive. It was a world dominated by the shade of High Templar Venarius. You don't want to go there, believe me.

We're on our own.
HellscapeNPCGreetingShoutExile! Hurry!
Viscera CauldronAh, the Viscera Cauldron. Hold still. I can implant it inside you. Never mind the pain, it's only... making room. Unrelated fact, a person can live a normal life with just one kidney. Or just one lung. You never know what Vaal technology will cost you...
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