Timeworn Reliquary Key
Vault Key
Area Level: 75
Though flesh may decay, and bones turn to dust, the spirit fades not.
Floundering eternal in pools of tranquil dark.
Timeworn Reliquary Key 340VaultKey /7
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DropLevel 50
BaseType Timeworn Reliquary Key
Class Vault Keys
FlagsAlwaysAllocate, AlwaysShow
ReferenceCommunity Wiki
Map Device Recipes /1 ⍟
Timeworn Reliquary75

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Timeworn Reliquary Key

Timeworn Reliquary Key is an misc map item that grants access to the Timeworn Reliquary, which drops a relic unique item.

Drop restrictions

Timeworn Reliquary Keys are rare, random drops. They were drop enabled in Version 3.4.0 across all leagues.

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