Prophecy Perandus Rampage
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Viper Directory /28 ⍟

Viper Directory /28 ⍟

LegionNapuatziBattleCry1Look upon us and despair!
LegionNapuatziBattleCry2Bow to your Queen, or die!
LegionNapuatziBattleCry3Serve the Vaal in life or in death.
LegionNapuatziAttackOneRandomFor the Queen!
LegionNapuatziAttackOne2For the Queen!
LegionNapuatziAttackTwoRandomYield and save yourself!
LegionNapuatziAttackTwo2Yield and save yourself!
LegionNapuatziAttackThreeRandomFall before us!
LegionNapuatziAttackThree2Fall before us!
LegionNapuatziFleeing1When I return, it will be with an army of thousands.
LegionNapuatziFleeing2Enjoy this brief victory. You will not have another.
LegionNapuatziFleeing3These are Vaal lands. You only delay your destiny.
LegionNapuatziMapIntro1Children of darkness, we are your illumination!
LegionNapuatziMapIntro2Do not weep. Your sacrifice is not without value.
LegionNapuatziMapIntro3Rejoice! The Queen has deemed you worthy of sacrifice!
LegionNapuatziDefeat1I'm sorry... my... queen...
LegionNapuatziDefeat2Free... at... last...
LegionNapuatziDefeat3Is... is it over...?
LegionNapuatziInjured1Pain is nothing.
LegionNapuatziInjured2Pain sharpens the mind.
LegionNapuatziInjured3Every scar is a gift.
LegionNapuatziTaunt1Your skull will adorn the halls of the queen.
LegionNapuatziTaunt2Your death is written into the stars.
LegionNapuatziTaunt3You are a locust, and I will crush you underfoot.
Viper Themes /8 ⍟

Viper Themes /8 ⍟

Viper Helmet
Changes the appearance of any equipped helmet to the Viper Helmet.
Viper Boots
Changes the appearance of any equipped boots to the Viper Boots.
Viper Gloves
Changes the appearance of any equipped gloves to the Viper Gloves.
Viper Body Armour
Changes the appearance of any equipped body armour to the Viper Body Armour.
Viper Wings
Adds the Viper Wings back attachment to any equipped body armour.
Viper Bow
Changes the appearance of any equipped Bow to the Viper Bow.
Viper Molten Shell Effect
Your Molten Shell becomes a Viper Effect.
Drakeling Pet
Summons your pet