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DyadusBorn of love, forged in blood
He burned as a torch in the blackest night
She shone as ice in the winter sun
Proudly, fiercely
At their mother's side, forever.
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{Book 1: Embers of Insurrection}

"He soared to power on the smoke of burning witches". So the surviving Gemlings whispered of Voll of Thebrus, as he donned the Imperial crown on the 2nd Sacrato of Phreci, 1334 IC. But in truth, he was never the sort of man to set a girl alight for merely reading a palm or remedying a bout of the clap.

Righteous and devoted to both faith and country, High Templar Voll struck little hardship in gathering others to his godly cause: Sarn's own Lord Mayor Ondar and Victario, the People's Poet; Archbishop Geofri of Phrecia; Governor Kastov of Stridevolf; and Commander Adus of Highgate. Together, these Warriors of Purity forged an uprising against the Gemling thaumatocracy that Voll hoped would "snatch this empire from the claws of devilry and return it to humanity".

{ - Garivaldi, Chronicler to the Empire}
Fury and Desire, together again. Lovely and lovely. Facets so shiny, replete with the vim of murdered souls.

My Malachai did the crafting. Beautiful work. General Adus did the murdering. Equally beautiful work, in its own juicy way.
Petarus: Have you ever heard much of the Maraketh legends?

Vanja: A truly unique cosmology of strange creatures, pagan gods and powerful treasures.

Petarus: One such story talks of a magical stone dial...

Vanja: A Maraketh Calendar, said to detail important events in the future of our world.

Petarus: General Adus, a war hero of the Empire, reported in his diaries of discovering a dial meeting that description at a dig site somewhere in the Foothills.

Vanja: It appears the war hero had a secret penchant for archaeologies...

Petarus: But the cataclysm wiped the land clean, and buried the dig site in rocks and sand. No one has been able to locate it since, nor the stone dial.

Vanja: Seems that with everything that's been going on of late, knowing what's due to happen in the future, could be a fairly profitable ability...

Petarus: We know you would never have use for such a gift...

Vanja: It would remove all the enjoyment out of adventure for someone like you!

Petarus: Yet, In times such as these, us small folk could do well with a heads up if something particularly nasty were to occur. Besides, a relic like that should sit in a museum...

Vanja: ...Or our collection...

Petarus: ...Not be lost beneath the rubble where it benefits no one.

Vanja: If you were to track the Calendar down for us, we would pay you handsomely, exile.

Petarus: Yes, we are traders of antiquities after all.
Vanja: A noble Legionnaire...

Petarus: ...but a Legionnaire all the same.

Vanja: Petarus and I did our research on Adus.

Petarus: We needed to know as much about him and his dig site as possible...

Vanja: make sure he was worth our while.

Petarus: The General was an eternal commander of the Highgate Legion...

Vanja: He ran a mining camp up here in the mountains. The bastard was the one responsible for controlling Karui, Maraketh and Ezomyte slaves, forcing them into the black bowels of rock fissures in search of gems...

Petarus: ...At least he treated them fairly and as human beings.

Vanja: A slave is still a slave my sweets.

Petarus: For all his faults, the general appears to have been a good man for his time. It's a shame what happened to him... an even greater shame that by the sounds of things, he's come back.

Vanja: Yes, we'd advise steering clear of his old camp.
Within the ruins of Highgate Refinery you shall find it. Trarthan Powder, a slightly more unstable blend to the kind found within the celebratory rockets and illuminations of Trarthus, this devious mixture of crumbled chemistry was once used to blast holes through even the thickest mountainsides. It will ensure that our mixture has the brute force required.

Though one should tread carefully within the refinery, for General Adus and his elite legionnaires sought refuge there during the first moments of Malachai's Cataclysm. If they remain, they will be creatures of darkest discipline. Strong men in health and life made even stronger in corruption and death.
Born of love, forged in blood
He burned as a torch in the blackest night
She shone as ice in the winter sun
Proudly, fiercely
At their mother's side, forever.

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