Albino Rhoa Feather
Stack Size: 1 / 10
Shift click to unstack.
Albino Rhoa Feather CurrencyRhoaFeather /9
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DropLevel 1
BaseType Albino Rhoa Feather
Class Stackable Currency
MTX Tab Stacks5000
ReferenceCommunity Wiki
Acquisition /1 ⍟

Community Wiki


Albino Rhoa Feather

The Albino Rhoa Feather is a currency item with no known uses. The consensus among players is that it is a joke item placed in the game to perpetuate the fishing joke/troll started on the Path of Exile forums. Whether this is true or not remains to be seen.

The only ways of obtaining this item is by killing an Albino Rhoa or opening a Perandus Tackle Box.

In an announcement post, Chris hinted that there might be uses for the Albino Rhoa Feather.[1]

MenderSwiftpaw has created a forum thread dedicated to this currency item with some interesting information and videos. You can check out the thread here: The Truth about Albino Rhoa Feathers.

Albino Rhoa were used for the "Rerolls Sockets with 1-3 White Sockets" beastcrafting recipe during the Bestiary league. The recipe did not add to the core game.

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