Hideout Doodads
Category: Utility
Alva Alva /7

Alva Alva /7

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DropLevel 1
BaseType Alva
Class Hideout Doodads
SoundAudio/Sound Effects/ItemSounds/orb_use.ogg
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Incursion Rooms Flavour /87 ⍟

Incursion Rooms Flavour /87 ⍟

EntranceThe tomb unsealed, what will it yield?
Apex of Atzoatl'Tis not the meek who reach the peak.
Poison GardenSweet scents mask foul intents.
Sacrificial ChamberSacred words read to bless the dead.
Tempest GeneratorWhite mists form a quiet storm.
Trap WorkshopFrom the hollows, death soon follows.
Surveyor's StudyBorders drawn; liberties gone.
Royal Meeting RoomA few beguile the rank and file.
Storage RoomRelics rust and gather dust.
Corruption ChamberPowers dance with fate and chance.
Explosives RoomCogs assemble to make walls tremble.
Armourer's WorkshopAn opus penned through metal's bend.
Sparring RoomA sharpened blade breaks the charade.
GuardhouseStoic they stand at their Queen's demand.
Splinter Research LabThe Dreamer's call has entranced the Vaal.
Gemcutter's WorkshopDestruction stems from within these gems.
VaultDarkness drifts through gilded gifts.
Jeweller's WorkshopEarth demolished, mined and polished.
WorkshopThe constant din drowns many a sin.
Shrine of EmpowermentEnergies bloom within the gloom.
Pools of RestorationCold and cruel, this pristine pool.
HatcheryDarkness blessed this vile nest.
Flame WorkshopBeneath your feet flows sweltering heat.
Lightning WorkshopSparks jump between arms of the machine.
Cultivar ChamberMadness feeds the vile seeds.
Hall of OfferingsRed gifts flow to the pits below.
Hurricane EngineThunder booms through hewn stone rooms.
Temple Defense WorkshopSanguine wine sups steel spines.
Office of CartographyDark magics guide a nation's divide.
Hall of LordsFrom on high they send countless to die.
WarehousesSecrets encased by names now erased.
Catalyst of CorruptionFlesh kissed by the crimson mist.
Demolition LabStone walls shaking with the might of unmaking.
ArmouryFresh recruits drag iron suits.
Arena of ValourCries fill the halls, blood stains the walls.
BarracksGlory charms the men at arms.
Breach Containment ChamberEyes peer through a seam from beyond the dark dream.
Department of ThaumaturgyThe thaumaturge's vice extracts a high price.
TreasuryLives shattered for gold scattered.
Jewellery ForgeWealth engorged by the heat of the forge.
Engineering DepartmentMetal moans in fearful tones.
Sanctum of UnityVicious affairs atop the stairs.
Sanctum of VitalitySons and daughters drowned in these waters.
Automaton LabForged forms assemble in swarms.
Omnitect ForgeFlames desire to empower the spire.
Omnitect Reactor PlantPower flows to where no man goes.
Toxic GroveToxins pave a verdant grave.
Apex of AscensionForm sliced through, but born anew.
Storm of CorruptionDarkness flies across the skies.
Defense Research LabWhirring blades and barricades.
Atlas of WorldsDevices baroque hide worlds bespoke.
Throne of AtziriA vision, sublime, untouched by time.
Museum of ArtefactsHeirlooms, rotten, long-forgotten.
Locus of CorruptionDarkness coalesces, imbues, and blesses.
Shrine of UnmakingFlames and smoke soar; what was is no more.
Chamber of IronA bacchanalia of the finest regalia.
Hall of ChampionsBlood spills for cheap thrills.
Hall of WarDeath dwells in small cells.
House of the OthersThe Dreamer's reach extends through the breach.
Doryani's InstituteThe enlightened fall victim to Doryani's dark dictum.
Wealth of the VaalAn empire's stash survives the ash.
Glittering HallsThe stones of old, wreathed in gold.
FactoryThe world burns, the cog turns.
Temple NexusThe temple's heart, a work of art.
Sanctum of ImmortalityFlesh rending for life unending.
Hybridisation ChamberCaught between meat and machine.
Crucible of FlameEarth torn asunder births a mechanical wonder.
Conduit of LightningArcs emerge to power the scourge.
ChasmTread steady and slow lest you end up below.
PassagewaysCruel acts debase this tight space.
HallsSmoothed stones hide bleached bones.
TunnelsWorn hands etch an echoing stretch.
PitsEach well drenched with rotting stench.
Banquet HallMen in fetters feed their betters.
TombsThe scent of death fills every breath.
AntechamberMadness claws from inky maws.
CellarShadows choke; a lightless yoke.
CloisterCold clay smothers decay.
Torment CellsThey rot for ages in iron cages.
Torture CagesIron bars tell of the criminal swell.
Sadist's Den'Til the end of time they pay for their crime.
Strongbox ChamberGuarding treasures of extravagant pleasures.
Hall of LocksLocked in the dark, awaiting a mark.
Court of Sealed DeathMillennia passed, released at last.
Hall of MettleFought and died for cowards that hide.
Hall of HeroesTheir deeds inspire, their spirits never tire.
Hall of LegendsTheir names outlast the crumbling past.
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