Bloodstained Fossil
Stack Size: 1 / 10
Does not apply to: Contracts, Blueprints, Heist Equipment
Has a Corrupted implicit modifier
Place in a Resonator to influence item crafting.
Shift click to unstack.
Bloodstained Fossil CurrencyDelveCraftingVaal /8 ⍟
NameShow Full Descriptions
DropLevel 1
BaseType Bloodstained Fossil
Class Stackable Currency
MTX Tab Stacks5000
ReferenceCommunity Wiki
Bloodstained Fossil Modifiers /1 ⍟

Community Wiki


Bloodstained Fossil

Bloodstained Fossil is a fossil type.

Note that it DOES NOT add a corruption implicit mod.

Item acquisition

Area restrictions

This item can be acquired in the following areas:

  • Petrified Forest

Can be acquired in one of two ways in the Azurite Mine:

  • Is sometimes sold by Niko the Mad for 1 000 000 Azurite
  • As a drop from a room that "Contains Fossils":
    • Smuggler's Stash (Any Biome)[citation needed]
    • Stonewood Hollow (Petrified Forest)
  • Other mechanics:
    • Can be found in research safehouse chest when Korell Goya is added to the safehouse (drop any fossil)
    • Heist Delve reward chest
    • ...

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