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NessaThe tale of Brutus was a popular one in the schools of Theopolis, taught in the hopes of deterring students from ambitions not condoned by the Templar.

Brutus was Warden of Axiom Prison and one of the most feared men in the Eternal Empire. But there the histories end... and the myth begins, with Brutus commissioning a witch to transform him, in a mad attempt at immortality. A moment of hubris that didn't end well... for anyone.

If it's true then Brutus has my pity. Some of us pay too dearly for our mistakes.

Yet if you insist on learning from your own mistakes then please, take one of these. You might need it.
NessaFor some, death is welcomed with open arms. Did you end Brutus' suffering out of avarice, or mercy? Only you know the answer to that one.
TarkleighThere's a fine line between man and monster. Brutus, the Warden of Axiom Prison... he crossed that line long ago. A big lad, and as you know from Hillock, big lads are slow. Hit and run, that's the way to cut them down to size. Unless there's thaumaturgy involved. Then forget the 'hitting' bit. Just run.
TarkleighThe Warden's free of his own prison? Well, since you're so bloody determined to cheat the britches off death, you'd better have one of these... for luck.

And when they write the song about you, just be sure to mention that it was Tarkleigh who taught you everything you know.
BestelBrutus, Warden of Axiom Prison. The way I heard it, albeit from ale-soaked sailors, fear unmanned the great Brutus. Not fear of man, nor beast... fear of death.

Life is like wine, best enjoyed in moderation. I don't envy Brutus' hangover.
Brutus' Lead Sprinkler"A sprinkle of liquid encouragement is often required
to garnish the perfect confession."
- Brutus, Warden of Axiom
Shavronne's PaceShavronne raced to Brutus' side,
her last hope against the Karui tide.
Shavronne's Revelation"Shavronne held Sanity in her right
hand and Revelation in her left.
Brutus chose the left hand."
- Kadavrus, Surgeon to the Umbra
The Warden's Brand"I don't always have a flame handy
when a fresh delinquent walks through our gates."
- Brutus, Warden of Axiom
Brutus' Cradle
The Warden{Brutus' first innovation as Lord Incarcerator was a weighted chain around every neck so that his prisoners would forever bow to him.}

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