Candlestick Relic
Candlestick Relic Relic1x4 /8

Candlestick Relic Relic1x4 /8

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DropLevel 75
BaseType Candlestick Relic
Class Relic
FlagsAllocateToMapMaker, AlwaysAllocate, AlwaysShow, CanBeCorrupted
Tagslarge_sanctum_relic, relic
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Unique /1 ⍟

Unique /1 ⍟

RelicUnique1x4The Second Sacrament Candlestick Relic
The Herald of the Scourge drops an additional Balance of Terror with an extra Modifier
The Herald of the Scourge deals 100% more Damage
The Herald of the Scourge takes 70% less Damage
This item is destroyed when your Sanctum ends
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