Contract: The Vinderi Bomb
Quest Items
Portal: Laboratory
Client: Vinderi
Heist Target: Fumarole Tar
Area Level: 78
Requires Demolition (Level 3)
Requires Vinderi, the Dismantler
"I wish I could say this was the first time I've forgotten to restock on this thing.
I forget what it was, but I'm sure I'll remember by the time we need to get it.
Was it beetles? Bottles? I think it began with 'B'.
Or it had no 'B'."
Contract: The Vinderi Bomb HeistContractQuestVinderi2 /7

Contract: The Vinderi Bomb HeistContractQuestVinderi2 /7

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DropLevel 78
BaseType Contract: The Vinderi Bomb
Class Quest Items
Contract: The Vinderi Bomb

Reward: Stackable Currency
#NameShow Full DescriptionsArea
1Talk to Vinderi
  • Talk to Vinderi in the Rogue Harbour
  • 2Initiate the Contract
  • Talk to Adiyah to initiate the Contract
  • 3Enter Adiyah's Portal
  • Enter Adiyah's Portal
  • 4Break into the Facility
  • Break into the Facility
  • 5Steal the Fumarole Tar
  • Steal the Fumarole Tar
  • 6Steal the Fumarole Tar Before Lockdown
  • Steal the Fumarole Tar before Lockdown
  • 7Contract Failed
  • Contract Failed Return to the Rogue Harbour and await a new Contract
  • 8Take the Fumarole Tar and Escape
  • Take the Fumarole Tar and Escape
  • 9Escape the Facility
  • Escape with the Fumarole Tar
  • 10Talk to Vinderi
  • Talk to Vinderi
  • 11
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