Haunted Tomb
id: FungalCavernsFossil
Tier: 4|4
Min Depth: 35
Biomes: Fungal Caverns
Monster: Awoken Giant
Contains Fossils

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Haunted Tomb

Haunted Tomb is a node in Azurite Mine. It can only appear in the Fungal Caverns biome. The node can spawn in relative shallow depths, such as depth 87. The path to the node may behind a wall.


After clicking the tomb: "Tangled Fossilised Remains", the node will spawn a few tormented spirits known as Tormented Miner as well as other monsters.

After clearing the monsters, a few unique skeletons, known as Awoken Giant, will spawn. They have the Tormented mod Miner's Grip (uncertain which variants: TormentHauntedMonsterMiner1, TormentHauntedMonsterMiner2, TormentHauntedMonsterMiner3, TormentHauntedMonsterMiner4 and TormentHauntedMonsterMiner5)

All variants of Awoken Giant resists lightning damage.


After clearing all the monsters, clicking the tomb again will drop Tangled Fossil.

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