Ailments The Help Panel

Ailments The Help Panel


Monsters throughout Wraeclast won't just hurt you -- they can also inflict ailments. Fortunately, you can too.

Ailments usually come from a specific kind of damage. Fire damage can 'Ignite', which deals further fire damage over time. Cold damage can 'Chill', slowing you down, or 'Freeze', causing you to stop moving entirely. Lightning damage can 'Shock', causing you to take a lot of extra damage from any source. Some enemies can also 'Poison' you or inflict 'Bleeding', both of which deal damage over time. If you move while you're bleeding, the bleeding will deal extra damage.

Each ailment typically comes from a specific type of damage, though some unique items can change this.

Dealing with Ailments:

Items, passive skills, support and skill gems, curses, and other things can each influence how likely it is that you'll suffer or inflict any of these ailments, as well as how effective these ailments are.

Unique items and passive skills can prevent you from suffering from specific ailments, or grant something beneficial when you're suffering from one.

Flasks are capable of removing each ailment if they have the right mods. Figuring out which ailments might be dangerous to you and getting flasks that will remove them can make a big difference to your journey.

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