The Upper Prison

The Upper Prison
Id: 1_1_7_2
Act: 1
Area Level: 9
The air is rich with despair and apparition.
The Upper Prison Attr /12
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Monster Level9
NotesThe air is rich with despair and apparition.
Connected AreaThe Lower Prison, Prisoner's Gate
Vaal AreaForgotten Oubliette
Brutus, Lord Incarcerator
Tagsprison, indoors_area, act_boss_area, no_tempests, delve_chest, prison_area, summoner_area, necromancer_area
Card TagsThe Summoner
The Chains that Bind
The Warden
The Penitent
The Dungeon Master
The Wretched
The Craving Boss
The Lich Boss
(Old) Divination CardThe Summoner
The Warden
  • Nessa Brutus: The tale of Brutus was a popular one in the schools of Theopolis, taught in the hopes of deterring students from ambitions not condoned by the Templar.

    Brutus was Warden of Axiom Prison and one of the most feared men in the Eternal Empire. But there the histories end... and the myth begins, with Brutus commissioning a witch to transform him, in a mad attempt at immortality. A moment of hubris that didn't end well... for anyone.

    If it's true then Brutus has my pity. Some of us pay too dearly for our mistakes.

    Yet if you insist on learning from your own mistakes then please, take one of these. You might need it.
  • Tarkleigh Brutus: There's a fine line between man and monster. Brutus, the Warden of Axiom Prison... he crossed that line long ago. A big lad, and as you know from Hillock, big lads are slow. Hit and run, that's the way to cut them down to size. Unless there's thaumaturgy involved. Then forget the 'hitting' bit. Just run.
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    LevelNameExperienceDamageAttack TimeLifeArmourEvasionEnergy Shield
    9Brutus, Lord Incarcerator1,551431.10556,67614928101515157
    9Brittle Bleeder169131.29679925700000
    9Axiom Frostguard16961.6055999269700000
    9Axiom Thunderguard16961.6055999234700000
    9Brittle Thief141111.6056311423400000
    9Brittle Thief176131.6057011423400000
    9Rotting Damned127192.47614923400000
    9Cell Crawler141141.2709926900000

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