Viridi Topic /6 ⍟
Viridi's Veil"Her sisters eternally fought for that shining apex in the skies,
but Viridi instead found strength in humility."
- Azmerian Creation Myth
Prismatic Eclipse"A raging Solaris seared and contorted the orb's surface.
A despairing Lunaris filled the scars with her tears.
Yet Viridi remained, trapped within, forever more."
- Azmerian Creation Myth
Forbidden ShakoThe Azmeri must never touch the Tears of Maji, lest Viridi weep.
Viridian Jewel
Viridian WatchstoneThe memories and emotions of countless victims of the Elder,
locked in stone for eternity.
Viridi's Finger"It supposedly causes enormous plants to grow from almost any soil. The myth claims we
need to sacrifice a baby to make it function, but that's a bit grotesque, even for me."

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