Asenath Topic /6 ⍟
Asenath's Gentle TouchCool the head and cool the blade.
Asenath's MarkAsenath's mind was as quick and nimble
as the fingers that drew her bowstring.
Asenath's ChantAsenath loosed arrows with almost musical rhythm,
a rhythm matched by her nearly inaudible whispers,
and the crunch of the dead hitting the dust.
Darkscorn"The Spirit of War knows nothing of good and evil.
It knows only destruction."
- Sekhema Asenath
Gift of AsenathThe Golden Sekhema's words could solve many a feud. Just what form that solution took was another matter.
Turn the Other Cheek"Only after one forsakes rage, can true power be found."
- Sekhema Asenath

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