Blue Dragon Aura Effect
Your Aura becomes a Blue Dragon Effect.
Blue Dragon Aura Effect MicrotransactionBlueDragonAuraEffect /11
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DropLevel 1
BaseType Blue Dragon Aura Effect
Class Microtransactions
SoundAudio/Sound Effects/ItemSounds/orb_use.ogg
Applies toHaste, Vaal Haste, Purity of Elements, Vitality, Discipline, Vaal Discipline, Grace, Vaal Grace, Determination, Anger, Hatred, Wrath, Clarity, Vaal Clarity, Purity of Fire, Purity of Ice, Purity of Lightning, Blasphemy Support, Awakened Blasphemy Support, Vaal Impurity of Fire, Vaal Impurity of Ice, Vaal Impurity of Lightning, Dread Banner, War Banner, Zealotry, Malevolence, Pride, Precision, Death Aura, Envy, Gluttony of Elements, Blinding Aura, Defiance Banner
CosmeticsAura Skin
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Blue Dragon Aura Effect
Price: 110
Lowest Price: 66
Replaces the standard effect on an Aura gem with a blue dragon version.
Skill effects can only be applied to one gem at a time but can be reclaimed and moved between gems for free.
Blue Dragon Aura Effect Shop /24
NameWasOn SaleStart AtEnd At
Blue Dragon Aura Effect110852023-12-22T00:00:01Z2023-12-26T00:00:00Z
Blue Dragon Aura Effect110852023-12-12T00:00:01Z2023-12-13T00:00:00Z
Blue Dragon Aura Effect110662023-11-24T00:00:01Z2023-11-28T08:00:00Z
Blue Dragon Aura Effect110852023-09-01T00:00:01Z2023-09-05T00:00:00Z
Blue Dragon Aura Effect110852023-08-22T00:00:01Z2023-08-23T00:00:00Z
Blue Dragon Aura Effect110852023-07-21T00:00:01Z2023-07-25T00:00:00Z
Blue Dragon Aura Effect110852023-06-06T00:00:00Z2023-06-07T00:00:00Z
Blue Dragon Aura Effect110852023-04-21T00:00:01Z2023-04-25T00:00:00Z
Blue Dragon Aura Effect110852023-04-11T00:00:01Z2023-04-12T00:00:00Z
Blue Dragon Aura Effect110852023-03-24T00:00:01Z2023-03-28T00:00:00Z
Blue Dragon Aura Effect110852022-12-09T00:00:01Z2022-12-13T00:00:00Z
Blue Dragon Aura Effect110852022-09-02T01:00:00Z2022-09-06T01:00:00Z
Blue Dragon Aura Effect110852022-08-23T01:00:00Z2022-08-24T01:00:00Z
Blue Dragon Aura Effect110852022-05-27T01:00:00Z2022-05-31T01:00:00Z
Blue Dragon Aura Effect110852022-05-17T01:00:00Z2022-05-18T01:00:00Z
Blue Dragon Aura Effect110852022-02-18T00:00:00Z2022-02-22T00:00:00Z
Blue Dragon Aura Effect110852022-02-08T00:00:00Z2022-02-09T00:00:00Z
Blue Dragon Aura Effect110662021-11-26T00:00:00Z2021-11-30T08:00:00Z
Blue Dragon Aura Effect110852021-10-26T03:00:00Z2021-10-27T03:00:00Z
Blue Dragon Aura Effect110852021-08-31T04:00:00Z2021-09-01T04:00:00Z
Blue Dragon Aura Effect110852021-07-27T04:00:00Z2021-07-28T04:00:00Z
Blue Dragon Aura Effect110852021-06-15T04:00:00Z2021-06-16T04:00:00Z
Blue Dragon Aura Effect110852021-05-18T04:00:00Z2021-05-19T04:00:00Z
Blue Dragon Aura Effect110852021-04-20T04:00:00Z2021-04-21T04:00:00Z
Blue Dragon Aura Effect Attr /10 ⍟
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name_usBlue Dragon Aura Effect
description_usReplaces the standard effect on an Aura gem with a blue dragon version.
secondaryDescription_usSkill effects can only be applied to one gem at a time but can be reclaimed and moved between gems for free.

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