Dedication to the Goddess

Dedication to the Goddess
Map Fragments
labyrinth_enchant_mod_level_range_+ [8]
The Divine Font may bless belts
Before the Goddess, nothing remains hidden.
Adversity reveals old flaws and new strengths.
Travel to the Aspirants' Plaza and spend this item to open the Eternal Labyrinth of Potential. You must have completed the six different Trials of Ascendancy found in Maps in order to access this area.
DropLevel 1
BaseType Dedication to the Goddess
Class Map Fragments
Labyrinth Enchantment Belt /15 ⍟

Labyrinth Enchantment Belt /15 ⍟

LevelModDrop Rate
8315% increased Area of Effect while you have Arcane Surgebelt(6.67%)
83+300 to Armour while you have Fortifybelt(6.67%)
83Recover 2% of Life when you Kill an Enemy while you have Ragebelt(6.67%)
83+300 to Evasion Rating while you have Phasingbelt(6.67%)
8320% chance to Avoid Elemental Ailments while you have Elusivebelt(6.67%)
8330% reduced Effect of Curses on you while on Consecrated Groundbelt(6.67%)
8330% increased Accuracy Rating while you have Onslaughtbelt(6.67%)
83Enemies Hindered by you have 50% reduced Life Regeneration ratebelt(6.67%)
83Elemental Ailments inflicted on Enemies Exposed by you have 20% increased Durationbelt(6.67%)
83Enemies Maimed by you take 8% increased Damage Over Timebelt(6.67%)
83Enemies Taunted by you deal 5% less Area Damagebelt(6.67%)
83Enemies Withered by you have -6% to all Resistancesbelt(6.67%)
83Enemies Blinded by you have 30% reduced Critical Strike Chancebelt(6.67%)
83Enemies Intimidated by you have 20% increased duration of stuns against thembelt(6.67%)
83Hits against Enemies Unnerved by you have 50% increased Spell Critical Strike Chancebelt(6.67%)