Inner Conviction
3% more Spell Damage per Power Charge
Gain Power Charges instead of Frenzy Charges
Your every move is calm and calculated with absolute certainty.
Alternate Passive /5 ⍟

ChangesTo Random ModsChangesTo Random ModsChangesTo Random ModsXibaqua: Divine Flesh
Ahuana: Immortal Ambition
Doryani: Corrupted Soul

Adds +2 StrAdds +4 StrAdds Random ModsKaom: Strength of Blood
Rakiata: Tempered by War
Akoya: Chainbreaker

Adds +2 DexAdds +4 DexAdds Random ModsBalbala: The Traitor
Asenath: Dance with Death
Nasima: Second Sight

ChangesTo +10 DevotionAdds +5 Devotion+5 Devotion or ChangesTo Random ModsMaxarius: Transcendence
Dominus: Inner Conviction
Avarius: Power of Purpose

Remove Existing ModsRemove Existing ModsAdds or ChangesTo Random ModsCadiro: Supreme Decadence
Victario: Supreme Grandstanding
Caspiro: Supreme Ostentation
Inner Conviction Unique /1 ⍟
50% reduced maximum Mana
(100–150)% increased Armour and Energy Shield
Gain a Power Charge for each Enemy you hit with a Critical Strike
Inner Conviction
(3% more Spell Damage per Power Charge. Gain Power Charges instead of Frenzy Charges)

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Inner Conviction

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