The Beacon

The Beacon
Id: 2_6_14
Act: 6
Area Level: 49
An echo of destiny consumes the land.
The Beacon Attr /12
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Monster Level49
NotesAn echo of destiny consumes the land.
Connected AreaThe Cavern of Anger, The Brine King's Reef
Vaal AreaRemote Gulch
Secluded Copse
Sunken Shingle
Tagsshore, area_with_water, einharshieldcrab, einharcrabparasite, lighthouse_area, ocean_area
Card TagsProsperity
Lantador's Lost Love
The Catch
The Journey
(Old) Divination CardLantador's Lost Love
  • Lilly Roth The Brine King: Yeah, I know the Brine King. What pirate doesn't? Drowned me fair share of mutineers under the full moon... to keep the old king's slumber when storms threaten, you see.

    If he's been roused from the depths, it be nothing but ill tidings for those of us with air in our lungs.

    He'll be getting back to raping and eating us ocean-going folk soon enough. Stealing wombs in which to spawn his slithering offspring.

    Aye, that blasphemy is out there somewhere right now, I'd wager. And to think there still be folks needing transport from Oriath... more commissions to be had. But a lecherous sea god, now that complicates things.
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    Crafting Bench /4
    +(26–40) to maximum Life6x Orb of TransmutationBody Armour · Gloves · Boots · Helmet · Shield · Ring · Amulet · Belt · QuiverThe Beacon
    +(65–74) to maximum Mana6x Orb of AugmentationTwo Hand MeleeThe Beacon
    +(45–54) to maximum Mana6x Orb of AugmentationOne Hand Melee · One Hand Ranged · Two Hand RangedThe Beacon
    +(35–44) to maximum Mana6x Orb of AugmentationBody Armour · Gloves · Boots · Helmet · Shield · Ring · Amulet · Quiver · BeltThe Beacon
    LevelNameExperienceDamageAttack TimeLifeArmourEvasionEnergy Shield
    49Brittle Poacher6,3821671.291,7306,1182,564000200
    49Weathered Watchman6,3821671.291,7306,1182,564000200
    49Sandworn Watchman5,3182220.9751,6227,0362,331000200
    49Sand Strider6,3822121.51,8386,1182,33190120000
    49Infested Crawler4,7862251.0051,4606,1183,49701010100
    49Infested Crawler4,7861871.0051,6226,1183,49701010100
    49Infested Crawler5,3182081.0052,1629,1772,33101010100

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