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Zerphi's YouthThere is no price you can give eternal life
that some would not pay.
Zerphi's Last Breath"Proof that if you devote yourself to a god of death,
you may be spared from its wrath."
- Icius Perandus, Antiquities Collection, Item 408
Zerphi's HeartWe are incapable of change without sacrifice, for we are both the iron and the forge.
Soulthirst"They say a draught of fine spirits will ward off
the elements and promote a longer, merrier life.
I have found this to be true on all counts."
- Zerphi of the Vaal
The Life Thief"The process of eternal youth is a give and take. You give them death and take their youth."
- Zerphi of the Vaal

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