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Platinum Lex Proxima Watchstone

Platinum Lex Proxima Watchstone
Atlas Region Upgrade Item
Only the souls trapped within can bear witness to the Maven's dark proclivities, and they dare not speak up.
Socket this into a Citadel on your Atlas to increase the Tier of Maps and reveal hidden Maps in that Citadel's Region. You can only socket one Crimson, Viridian, Cobalt or Golden Watchstone into each Citadel.
DropLevel 1
BaseType Platinum Lex Proxima Watchstone
Class Atlas Region Upgrade Item
Tagswatchstone, watchstone_league
Unique /1

Unique /1

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LexProximaWatchstone4The Closest Peak Platinum Lex Proxima Watchstone
Immortal Syndicate Members in Areas are (20–25)% more
likely to be accompanied by reinforcements
Items have 0.8% chance to drop fully Linked in Areas
Missions in Areas grant (100–120)% increased Favour
Rare Monsters in Areas have (50–60)% chance to drop an additional Rare Armour Item
15 uses remaining