Item mods /1

Item mods /1

1ScourgeUpsideRare Scourge Monsters drop 1 additional Catalystmap 6650
default 0
Heist Equipment mods /8

Heist Equipment mods /8

of Spores1SuffixHeist Chests have a (6–7)% chance to Duplicate contained Blighted Maps and Catalystsheist_equipment_reward 1000
default 0
of Fungi45SuffixHeist Chests have a (8–9)% chance to Duplicate contained Blighted Maps and Catalystsheist_equipment_reward 800
default 0
of Infestation75SuffixHeist Chests have a (10–12)% chance to Duplicate contained Blighted Maps and Catalystsheist_equipment_reward 600
default 0
of the Blight83SuffixHeist Chests have a (13–15)% chance to Duplicate contained Blighted Maps and Catalystsheist_equipment_reward 400
default 0
of Powders1SuffixHeist Chests have a (6–7)% chance to Duplicate contained Catalystsheist_equipment_reward 1000
default 0
of Reactants45SuffixHeist Chests have a (8–9)% chance to Duplicate contained Catalystsheist_equipment_reward 800
default 0
of Concatenation75SuffixHeist Chests have a (10–12)% chance to Duplicate contained Catalystsheist_equipment_reward 600
default 0
of Catalysts83SuffixHeist Chests have a (13–15)% chance to Duplicate contained Catalystsheist_equipment_reward 400
default 0
Misc mods /2

Misc mods /2

1ExpeditionRelicSuffixRunic Monsters have 10% chance to drop an additional Catalystexpedition_templar_remnant 1000
default 0
1ExpeditionRelicSuffixExcavated Chests have 10% chance to contain an additional Catalystexpedition_templar_remnant 1000
default 0
Harvest Seed /1

Harvest Seed /1

Change a stack of Catalysts into a different type of Catalyst
Catalyst Item /10 ⍟

Catalyst Item /10 ⍟

TurbulentCatalystTurbulent Catalyst
Stack Size: 1 / 10
Adds quality that enhances Elemental Damage modifiers on a ring, amulet or belt
Replaces other quality types
ImbuedCatalystImbued Catalyst
Stack Size: 1 / 10
Adds quality that enhances Caster modifiers on a ring, amulet or belt
Replaces other quality types
AbrasiveCatalystAbrasive Catalyst
Stack Size: 1 / 10
Adds quality that enhances Attack modifiers on a ring, amulet or belt
Replaces other quality types
TemperingCatalystTempering Catalyst
Stack Size: 1 / 10
Adds quality that enhances Defence modifiers on a ring, amulet or belt
Replaces other quality types
FertileCatalystFertile Catalyst
Stack Size: 1 / 10
Adds quality that enhances Life and Mana modifiers on a ring, amulet or belt
Replaces other quality types
PrismaticCatalystPrismatic Catalyst
Stack Size: 1 / 10
Adds quality that enhances Resistance modifiers on a ring, amulet or belt
Replaces other quality types
IntrinsicCatalystIntrinsic Catalyst
Stack Size: 1 / 10
Adds quality that enhances Attribute modifiers on a ring, amulet or belt
Replaces other quality types
ChaosPhysicalCatalystNoxious Catalyst
Stack Size: 1 / 10
Adds quality that enhances Physical and Chaos Damage modifiers on a ring, amulet or belt
Replaces other quality types
SpeedModifierCatalystAccelerating Catalyst
Stack Size: 1 / 10
Adds quality that enhances Speed modifiers on a ring, amulet or belt
Replaces other quality types
CriticalModifierCatalystUnstable Catalyst
Stack Size: 1 / 10
Adds quality that enhances Critical modifiers on a ring, amulet or belt
Replaces other quality types
Tags /460 ⍟

Tags /460 ⍟

CatalystsTurbulentCatalystTurbulent Catalystelemental_damage
CatalystsImbuedCatalystImbued Catalystcaster
CatalystsAbrasiveCatalystAbrasive Catalystattack
CatalystsTemperingCatalystTempering Catalystdefences
CatalystsFertileCatalystFertile Catalystresource
CatalystsPrismaticCatalystPrismatic Catalystresistance
CatalystsIntrinsicCatalystIntrinsic Catalystattribute
CatalystsChaosPhysicalCatalystNoxious Catalystphysical_damage
CatalystsSpeedModifierCatalystAccelerating Catalystspeed
CatalystsCriticalModifierCatalystUnstable Catalystcritical
FossilAmberFireFlyScorched Fossilcold x0, fire x10
FossilAmberFangFrigid Fossilfire x0, cold x10
FossilMetallicFossilMetallic Fossilphysical x0, lightning x10
FossilJaggedFossilJagged Fossilchaos x0, physical x10
FossilAbberantFossilAberrant Fossillightning x0, chaos x10
FossilPristineFossilPristine Fossildefences x0, life x10
FossilDenseFossilDense Fossillife x0, defences x10
FossilCorrodedFossilCorroded Fossilelemental x0, bleed x10, poison x10
FossilPrismaticFossilPrismatic Fossilbleed x0, poison x0, elemental x6
FossilAethericFossilAetheric Fossilattack x0.15, caster x10
FossilSerratedFossilSerrated Fossilcaster x0.15, attack x10
FossilLucentFossilLucent Fossilspeed x0, mana x10
FossilShudderingFossilShuddering Fossilmana x0, speed x10
FossilResonatingFossilBound Fossilminion x10, aura x10, curse x10
FossilEnchantedFossilDeft Fossilattribute x0, critical x10
FossilEncrustedFossilFundamental Fossilcritical x0, attribute x10
FossilFacetedFossilFaceted Fossilgem x10
Fossil8510resistance x0, speed x30
Fossil8511physical x0, speed x30
Fossil8512minion x0, speed x30
Fossil8513mana x0, speed x30
Fossil8514lightning x0, speed x30
Fossil8515life x0, speed x30
Fossil8516gem x0, speed x30
Fossil8517fire x0, speed x30
Fossil8518elemental x0, speed x30
Fossil8519defences x0, speed x30
Fossil8520damage x0, speed x30
Fossil8521curse x0, speed x30
Fossil8522critical x0, speed x30
Fossil8523cold x0, speed x30
Fossil8524chaos x0, speed x30
Fossil8525caster x0, speed x30
Fossil8526aura x0, speed x30
Fossil8527attribute x0, speed x30
Fossil8528attack x0, speed x30
Fossil8529ailment x0, speed x30
Fossil8530speed x0, resistance x30
Fossil8531physical x0, resistance x30
Fossil8532minion x0, resistance x30
Fossil8533mana x0, resistance x30
Fossil8534lightning x0, resistance x30
Fossil8535life x0, resistance x30
Fossil8536gem x0, resistance x30
Fossil8537fire x0, resistance x30
Fossil8538elemental x0, resistance x30
Fossil8539defences x0, resistance x30
Fossil8540damage x0, resistance x30
Fossil8541curse x0, resistance x30
Fossil8542critical x0, resistance x30
Fossil8543cold x0, resistance x30
Fossil8544chaos x0, resistance x30
Fossil8545caster x0, resistance x30
Fossil8546aura x0, resistance x30
Fossil8547attribute x0, resistance x30
Fossil8548attack x0, resistance x30
Fossil8549ailment x0, resistance x30
Fossil8550speed x0, physical x30
Fossil8551resistance x0, physical x30
Fossil8552minion x0, physical x30
Fossil8553mana x0, physical x30
Fossil8554lightning x0, physical x30
Fossil8555life x0, physical x30
Fossil8556gem x0, physical x30
Fossil8557fire x0, physical x30
Fossil8558elemental x0, physical x30
Fossil8559defences x0, physical x30
Fossil8560damage x0, physical x30
Fossil8561curse x0, physical x30
Fossil8562critical x0, physical x30
Fossil8563cold x0, physical x30
Fossil8564chaos x0, physical x30
Fossil8565caster x0, physical x30
Fossil8566aura x0, physical x30
Fossil8567attribute x0, physical x30
Fossil8568attack x0, physical x30
Fossil8569ailment x0, physical x30
Fossil8570speed x0, minion x30
Fossil8571resistance x0, minion x30
Fossil8572physical x0, minion x30
Fossil8573mana x0, minion x30
Fossil8574lightning x0, minion x30
Fossil8575life x0, minion x30
Fossil8576gem x0, minion x30
Fossil8577fire x0, minion x30
Fossil8578elemental x0, minion x30
Fossil8579defences x0, minion x30
Fossil8580damage x0, minion x30
Fossil8581curse x0, minion x30
Fossil8582critical x0, minion x30
Fossil8583cold x0, minion x30
Fossil8584chaos x0, minion x30
Fossil8585caster x0, minion x30
Fossil8586aura x0, minion x30
Fossil8587attribute x0, minion x30
Fossil8588attack x0, minion x30
Fossil8589ailment x0, minion x30
Fossil8590speed x0, mana x30
Fossil8591resistance x0, mana x30
Fossil8592physical x0, mana x30
Fossil8593minion x0, mana x30
Fossil8594lightning x0, mana x30
Fossil8595life x0, mana x30
Fossil8596gem x0, mana x30
Fossil8597fire x0, mana x30
Fossil8598elemental x0, mana x30
Fossil8599defences x0, mana x30
Fossil8600damage x0, mana x30
Fossil8601curse x0, mana x30
Fossil8602critical x0, mana x30
Fossil8603cold x0, mana x30
Fossil8604chaos x0, mana x30
Fossil8605caster x0, mana x30
Fossil8606aura x0, mana x30
Fossil8607attribute x0, mana x30
Fossil8608attack x0, mana x30
Fossil8609ailment x0, mana x30
Fossil8610speed x0, lightning x30
Fossil8611resistance x0, lightning x30
Fossil8612physical x0, lightning x30
Fossil8613minion x0, lightning x30
Fossil8614mana x0, lightning x30
Fossil8615life x0, lightning x30
Fossil8616gem x0, lightning x30
Fossil8617fire x0, lightning x30
Fossil8618elemental x0, lightning x30
Fossil8619defences x0, lightning x30
Fossil8620damage x0, lightning x30
Fossil8621curse x0, lightning x30
Fossil8622critical x0, lightning x30
Fossil8623cold x0, lightning x30
Fossil8624chaos x0, lightning x30
Fossil8625caster x0, lightning x30
Fossil8626aura x0, lightning x30
Fossil8627attribute x0, lightning x30
Fossil8628attack x0, lightning x30
Fossil8629ailment x0, lightning x30
Fossil8630speed x0, life x30
Fossil8631resistance x0, life x30
Fossil8632physical x0, life x30
Fossil8633minion x0, life x30
Fossil8634mana x0, life x30
Fossil8635lightning x0, life x30
Fossil8636gem x0, life x30
Fossil8637fire x0, life x30
Fossil8638elemental x0, life x30
Fossil8639defences x0, life x30
Fossil8640damage x0, life x30
Fossil8641curse x0, life x30
Fossil8642critical x0, life x30
Fossil8643cold x0, life x30
Fossil8644chaos x0, life x30
Fossil8645caster x0, life x30
Fossil8646aura x0, life x30
Fossil8647attribute x0, life x30
Fossil8648attack x0, life x30
Fossil8649ailment x0, life x30
Fossil8650speed x0, gem x30
Fossil8651resistance x0, gem x30
Fossil8652physical x0, gem x30
Fossil8653minion x0, gem x30
Fossil8654mana x0, gem x30
Fossil8655lightning x0, gem x30
Fossil8656life x0, gem x30
Fossil8657fire x0, gem x30
Fossil8658elemental x0, gem x30
Fossil8659defences x0, gem x30
Fossil8660damage x0, gem x30
Fossil8661curse x0, gem x30
Fossil8662critical x0, gem x30
Fossil8663cold x0, gem x30
Fossil8664chaos x0, gem x30
Fossil8665caster x0, gem x30
Fossil8666aura x0, gem x30
Fossil8667attribute x0, gem x30
Fossil8668attack x0, gem x30
Fossil8669ailment x0, gem x30
Fossil8670speed x0, fire x30
Fossil8671resistance x0, fire x30
Fossil8672physical x0, fire x30
Fossil8673minion x0, fire x30
Fossil8674mana x0, fire x30
Fossil8675lightning x0, fire x30
Fossil8676life x0, fire x30
Fossil8677gem x0, fire x30
Fossil8678elemental x0, fire x30
Fossil8679defences x0, fire x30
Fossil8680damage x0, fire x30
Fossil8681curse x0, fire x30
Fossil8682critical x0, fire x30
Fossil8683cold x0, fire x30
Fossil8684chaos x0, fire x30
Fossil8685caster x0, fire x30
Fossil8686aura x0, fire x30
Fossil8687attribute x0, fire x30
Fossil8688attack x0, fire x30
Fossil8689ailment x0, fire x30
Fossil8690speed x0, elemental x30
Fossil8691resistance x0, elemental x30
Fossil8692physical x0, elemental x30
Fossil8693minion x0, elemental x30
Fossil8694mana x0, elemental x30
Fossil8695lightning x0, elemental x30
Fossil8696life x0, elemental x30
Fossil8697gem x0, elemental x30
Fossil8698fire x0, elemental x30
Fossil8699defences x0, elemental x30
Fossil8700damage x0, elemental x30
Fossil8701curse x0, elemental x30
Fossil8702critical x0, elemental x30
Fossil8703cold x0, elemental x30
Fossil8704chaos x0, elemental x30
Fossil8705caster x0, elemental x30
Fossil8706aura x0, elemental x30
Fossil8707attribute x0, elemental x30
Fossil8708attack x0, elemental x30
Fossil8709ailment x0, elemental x30
Fossil8710speed x0, defences x30
Fossil8711resistance x0, defences x30
Fossil8712physical x0, defences x30
Fossil8713minion x0, defences x30
Fossil8714mana x0, defences x30
Fossil8715lightning x0, defences x30
Fossil8716life x0, defences x30
Fossil8717gem x0, defences x30
Fossil8718fire x0, defences x30
Fossil8719elemental x0, defences x30
Fossil8720damage x0, defences x30
Fossil8721curse x0, defences x30
Fossil8722critical x0, defences x30
Fossil8723cold x0, defences x30
Fossil8724chaos x0, defences x30
Fossil8725caster x0, defences x30
Fossil8726aura x0, defences x30
Fossil8727attribute x0, defences x30
Fossil8728attack x0, defences x30
Fossil8729ailment x0, defences x30
Fossil8730speed x0, damage x30
Fossil8731resistance x0, damage x30
Fossil8732physical x0, damage x30
Fossil8733minion x0, damage x30
Fossil8734mana x0, damage x30
Fossil8735lightning x0, damage x30
Fossil8736life x0, damage x30
Fossil8737gem x0, damage x30
Fossil8738fire x0, damage x30
Fossil8739elemental x0, damage x30
Fossil8740defences x0, damage x30
Fossil8741curse x0, damage x30
Fossil8742critical x0, damage x30
Fossil8743cold x0, damage x30
Fossil8744chaos x0, damage x30
Fossil8745caster x0, damage x30
Fossil8746aura x0, damage x30
Fossil8747attribute x0, damage x30
Fossil8748attack x0, damage x30
Fossil8749ailment x0, damage x30
Fossil8750speed x0, curse x30
Fossil8751resistance x0, curse x30
Fossil8752physical x0, curse x30
Fossil8753minion x0, curse x30
Fossil8754mana x0, curse x30
Fossil8755lightning x0, curse x30
Fossil8756life x0, curse x30
Fossil8757gem x0, curse x30
Fossil8758fire x0, curse x30
Fossil8759elemental x0, curse x30
Fossil8760defences x0, curse x30
Fossil8761damage x0, curse x30
Fossil8762critical x0, curse x30
Fossil8763cold x0, curse x30
Fossil8764chaos x0, curse x30
Fossil8765caster x0, curse x30
Fossil8766aura x0, curse x30
Fossil8767attribute x0, curse x30
Fossil8768attack x0, curse x30
Fossil8769ailment x0, curse x30
Fossil8770speed x0, critical x30
Fossil8771resistance x0, critical x30
Fossil8772physical x0, critical x30
Fossil8773minion x0, critical x30
Fossil8774mana x0, critical x30
Fossil8775lightning x0, critical x30
Fossil8776life x0, critical x30
Fossil8777gem x0, critical x30
Fossil8778fire x0, critical x30
Fossil8779elemental x0, critical x30
Fossil8780defences x0, critical x30
Fossil8781damage x0, critical x30
Fossil8782curse x0, critical x30
Fossil8783cold x0, critical x30
Fossil8784chaos x0, critical x30
Fossil8785caster x0, critical x30
Fossil8786aura x0, critical x30
Fossil8787attribute x0, critical x30
Fossil8788attack x0, critical x30
Fossil8789ailment x0, critical x30
Fossil8790speed x0, cold x30
Fossil8791resistance x0, cold x30
Fossil8792physical x0, cold x30
Fossil8793minion x0, cold x30
Fossil8794mana x0, cold x30
Fossil8795lightning x0, cold x30
Fossil8796life x0, cold x30
Fossil8797gem x0, cold x30
Fossil8798fire x0, cold x30
Fossil8799elemental x0, cold x30
Fossil8800defences x0, cold x30
Fossil8801damage x0, cold x30
Fossil8802curse x0, cold x30
Fossil8803critical x0, cold x30
Fossil8804chaos x0, cold x30
Fossil8805caster x0, cold x30
Fossil8806aura x0, cold x30
Fossil8807attribute x0, cold x30
Fossil8808attack x0, cold x30
Fossil8809ailment x0, cold x30
Fossil8810speed x0, chaos x30
Fossil8811resistance x0, chaos x30
Fossil8812physical x0, chaos x30
Fossil8813minion x0, chaos x30
Fossil8814mana x0, chaos x30
Fossil8815lightning x0, chaos x30
Fossil8816life x0, chaos x30
Fossil8817gem x0, chaos x30
Fossil8818fire x0, chaos x30
Fossil8819elemental x0, chaos x30
Fossil8820defences x0, chaos x30
Fossil8821damage x0, chaos x30
Fossil8822curse x0, chaos x30
Fossil8823critical x0, chaos x30
Fossil8824cold x0, chaos x30
Fossil8825caster x0, chaos x30
Fossil8826aura x0, chaos x30
Fossil8827attribute x0, chaos x30
Fossil8828attack x0, chaos x30
Fossil8829ailment x0, chaos x30
Fossil8830speed x0, caster x30
Fossil8831resistance x0, caster x30
Fossil8832physical x0, caster x30
Fossil8833minion x0, caster x30
Fossil8834mana x0, caster x30
Fossil8835lightning x0, caster x30
Fossil8836life x0, caster x30
Fossil8837gem x0, caster x30
Fossil8838fire x0, caster x30
Fossil8839elemental x0, caster x30
Fossil8840defences x0, caster x30
Fossil8841damage x0, caster x30
Fossil8842curse x0, caster x30
Fossil8843critical x0, caster x30
Fossil8844cold x0, caster x30
Fossil8845chaos x0, caster x30
Fossil8846aura x0, caster x30
Fossil8847attribute x0, caster x30
Fossil8848attack x0, caster x30
Fossil8849ailment x0, caster x30
Fossil8850speed x0, aura x30
Fossil8851resistance x0, aura x30
Fossil8852physical x0, aura x30
Fossil8853minion x0, aura x30
Fossil8854mana x0, aura x30
Fossil8855lightning x0, aura x30
Fossil8856life x0, aura x30
Fossil8857gem x0, aura x30
Fossil8858fire x0, aura x30
Fossil8859elemental x0, aura x30
Fossil8860defences x0, aura x30
Fossil8861damage x0, aura x30
Fossil8862curse x0, aura x30
Fossil8863critical x0, aura x30
Fossil8864cold x0, aura x30
Fossil8865chaos x0, aura x30
Fossil8866caster x0, aura x30
Fossil8867attribute x0, aura x30
Fossil8868attack x0, aura x30
Fossil8869ailment x0, aura x30
Fossil8870speed x0, attribute x30
Fossil8871resistance x0, attribute x30
Fossil8872physical x0, attribute x30
Fossil8873minion x0, attribute x30
Fossil8874mana x0, attribute x30
Fossil8875lightning x0, attribute x30
Fossil8876life x0, attribute x30
Fossil8877gem x0, attribute x30
Fossil8878fire x0, attribute x30
Fossil8879elemental x0, attribute x30
Fossil8880defences x0, attribute x30
Fossil8881damage x0, attribute x30
Fossil8882curse x0, attribute x30
Fossil8883critical x0, attribute x30
Fossil8884cold x0, attribute x30
Fossil8885chaos x0, attribute x30
Fossil8886caster x0, attribute x30
Fossil8887aura x0, attribute x30
Fossil8888attack x0, attribute x30
Fossil8889ailment x0, attribute x30
Fossil8890speed x0, attack x30
Fossil8891resistance x0, attack x30
Fossil8892physical x0, attack x30
Fossil8893minion x0, attack x30
Fossil8894mana x0, attack x30
Fossil8895lightning x0, attack x30
Fossil8896life x0, attack x30
Fossil8897gem x0, attack x30
Fossil8898fire x0, attack x30
Fossil8899elemental x0, attack x30
Fossil8900defences x0, attack x30
Fossil8901damage x0, attack x30
Fossil8902curse x0, attack x30
Fossil8903critical x0, attack x30
Fossil8904cold x0, attack x30
Fossil8905chaos x0, attack x30
Fossil8906caster x0, attack x30
Fossil8907aura x0, attack x30
Fossil8908attribute x0, attack x30
Fossil8909ailment x0, attack x30
Fossil8910speed x0, ailment x30
Fossil8911resistance x0, ailment x30
Fossil8912physical x0, ailment x30
Fossil8913minion x0, ailment x30
Fossil8914mana x0, ailment x30
Fossil8915lightning x0, ailment x30
Fossil8916life x0, ailment x30
Fossil8917gem x0, ailment x30
Fossil8918fire x0, ailment x30
Fossil8919elemental x0, ailment x30
Fossil8920defences x0, ailment x30
Fossil8921damage x0, ailment x30
Fossil8922curse x0, ailment x30
Fossil8923critical x0, ailment x30
Fossil8924cold x0, ailment x30
Fossil8925chaos x0, ailment x30
Fossil8926caster x0, ailment x30
Fossil8927aura x0, ailment x30
Fossil8928attribute x0, ailment x30
Fossil8929attack x0, ailment x30
Crafting BenchCannot roll Attack Modifiersattack x0
Crafting BenchCannot roll Caster Modifierscaster x0
Horticrafting StationWild Ursalingcaster
Horticrafting StationWild Hellionphysical
Horticrafting StationWild Apefire
Horticrafting StationVivid Arachnidattack
Horticrafting StationVivid Wetalife
Horticrafting StationVivid Scorpioncold
Horticrafting StationVivid Thornweaverspeed
Horticrafting StationPrimal Rhoadefences
Horticrafting StationPrimal Dustspitterlightning
Horticrafting StationPrimal Mawchaos
Horticrafting StationPrimal Vipercritical

Community Wiki

Wiki Edit


Catalysts are currency items that add quality to jewellery. Quality on jewellery instead improves the effect of the implicit and explicit modifiers of the specified type, depending on the modifier tags. Modifier tags can be viewed by enabling Advanced Mod Descriptions in the UI options, and then holding the Alt key (default, it matches the item highlight keybind) while mousing over the item.

Using a different type of catalyst on an item that has quality will set the previous quality back.

Catalysts are acquired by defeating metamorphs in maps with organ parts that specify that they drop catalysts.

In terms of item filter, catalyst are classified as Stackable Currency[1].

Prior to Version 3.15.0, quality on jewellery also increased the odds of adding a mod of the matching type when using an CurrencyAddModToMagicOrb of Augmentation or CurrencyUpgradeMagicToRareRegal Orb or CurrencyAddModToRareExalted Orb or Elderslayer's Exalted Orb on the item, at the cost of reducing quality (2%, 5% and 20%, respectively). Such a behaviour is deprecated now - catalysts no longer affect the chances of rolling related modifiers on jewellery, and quality on jewellery is no longer removed when crafting.

Vendor recipe

Result Recipes
1x random Catalyst 3x Catalysts, all of same type

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