Prophecy Perandus Rampage
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Sadist Garb

Sadist Garb
Body Armours
Evasion Rating: 427
Energy Shield: 88
Movement Speed: -3%
Requires Level 68, 103 Dex, 109 Int
DropLevel 68
BaseType Sadist Garb
Class Body Armours
Tagsdex_int_armour, body_armour, armour
  • Normal: CurrencyUpgradeToMagicOrb of Transmutationx3
  • Magic: CurrencyRerollRareChaos Orbx1
  • Rare: CurrencyRerollRareChaos Orbx3
  • Unique: CurrencyRerollRareChaos Orbx8
  • Unique /3

    Unique /3

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    TrapperArmourTinkerskin Sadist Garb
    (140–170)% increased Evasion and Energy Shield
    +(60–90) to maximum Life
    (10–15)% increased Cooldown Recovery Rate for throwing Traps
    15% chance to gain a Frenzy Charge when your Trap is triggered by an Enemy
    30% chance to gain Phasing for 4 seconds when your Trap is triggered by an Enemy
    (While you have Phasing, your movement is not blocked by Enemies)
    Recover 100 Life when your Trap is triggered by an Enemy
    Recover 50 Energy Shield when your Trap is triggered by an Enemy
    OnShockedInpulsa's Broken Heart Sadist Garb
    +(60–80) to maximum Life
    (20–50)% increased Damage if you have Shocked an Enemy Recently
    (15–25)% increased Effect of Shock
    Unaffected by Shock
    (Debuffs you are Unaffected by can still be placed on you, but will not actually apply their effect)
    Shocked Enemies you Kill Explode, dealing 5% of
    their Life as Lightning Damage which cannot Shock
    CollectorsGarbDiffDoppelgänger Guise Sadist Garb
    Grants Level 20 Unhinge Skill
    (40–60)% more Critical Strike Chance while Insane
    Enemies Killed by your Hits are destroyed while Insane
    (15–25)% less Physical and Chaos Damage Taken while Sane
    Regenerate 10% Life over one second when Hit while Sane