Shavronne's Tower

Shavronne's Tower
Id: 2_6_7_2
Act: 6
Area Level: 47
Echoes of the past bring new life to an old experiment.
Shavronne's Tower Attr /11
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Monster Level47
NotesEchoes of the past bring new life to an old experiment.
Connected AreaThe Lower Prison, Prisoner's Gate
Vaal AreaForgotten Oubliette
BossShavronne the Returned
Reassembled Brutus
Tagsprison, indoors_area, act_boss_area, no_tempests, delve_chest, prison_area, tower_area, lightning_area, summoner_area, shavronne_area, unholy_trio_area
Card TagsThe Soul
The Summoner
The Chains that Bind
The Stormcaller
The Tower
The Warden
Thunderous Skies
The Penitent
The Dungeon Master
The Nurse
(Old) Divination CardThe Chains that Bind
The Nurse
The Summoner
The Tower
The Warden
Thunderous Skies
Crafting Bench /2
(52–66)% increased Spell Damage8x Orb of AlterationTwo Hand MeleeShavronne's Tower
(35–44)% increased Spell Damage8x Orb of AlterationOne Hand Melee · One Hand RangedShavronne's Tower
LevelNameExperienceDamageAttack TimeLifeArmourEvasionEnergy Shield
47Reassembled Brutus53,3943120.804364,98910,3262,150030303020
47Shavronne the Returned53,3942841.005364,9895,1632,1501,57530303020
47Thunder Whisperer6,7961831.172,9305,1632,1501,57500450
47Thunder Thrall5,8251491.291,5125,1632,365000200
47Thunder Guardian5,8251791.6051,7015,9372,1501,02400200
47Shavronne's Gemling4,8541561.2451,5756,7122,79501010100
47Rattling Condemned10,6791871.7556,9308,2612,150000200

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