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The sister gods of sun and moon, hand in hand did rule.
A guide for day and one for night, their people blessed in full.
Then sister sun, as daylight broke, awakened bound in cord.
Her flames were quenched, her life laid bare, her passion ripped and gored.
Who?" she cried, "Who torments me so? And tears me from the day?"
Her captor smiled, behind a mask they wore of bloodless grey.
- The Azmeri Verses, 1:20-23
For many days, the sun did hide, no hand to guide it home
And icy moon hung in the sky, a queen perched on her throne.
Beneath the earth, Solaris cried, her pain too great to bare.
As instruments of sharpened steel caused skin and flesh to tear.
In the rarest slice of rest and respite, faithful Kulric came.
He cut her bonds and dressed her wounds and freed her from her pain.
Rising from beneath the hills, Solaris sprang a trap.
Her sister snared in flaming nets, Solaris brought her back.
A vow she made, a promise struck, to repay her kin in kind.
A sharpened blade, and broken luck, she'd rend her sister blind.
- The Azmeri Verses, 2:10-14
Solaris upon the horizon stood and gazed upon the moon.
Any army of swords and shields and bows, a war to begin at noon.
Frustration of her sister's escape was killed and eaten up.
Replaced by the wrath and fear and grief that poured to fill her cup.
As Moon and rays marched on the Sun, Solaris eyed her prey.
"Sweet sister," she vowed with love and hate, "You shall never rule this day."
- The Azmeri Verses 5:19-21

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