The Imperial Gardens

The Imperial Gardens
Id: 1_3_15
Act: 3
Area Level: 30
Nature outgrows the designs of Man.
The Imperial Gardens Attr /12
Crafting Bench /1
+(6–9) to all Attributes3x Orb of ChanceOne Hand Melee · Two Hand Melee · One Hand Ranged · Two Hand Ranged · Body Armour · Gloves · Boots · Helmet · Shield · Ring · Amulet · QuiverLabyrinth Trial in The Imperial Gardens
LevelNameExperienceDamageAttack TimeLifeArmourEvasionEnergy Shield
30The Conqueror Wurm17,9391151.00516,7431,120994002500
30Barrow Ape1,178361.0053641,1201,14300000
30Hulking Titan2,7181191.171,2611,68099400000
30Glade Mamba2,265471.0954391,2881,14300000
30Avian Retch2,537781.117191,1201,1932340000
30Porcupine Goliath1,812471.055141,2881,14300000
30Pale Blackguard1,6311112.46301,68099400000

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