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Titucius' SpanA mighty bulwark, curved and strong
A dauntless wall, against the throng
All lance and arrow, knocked aside
For rout of foe, for turn of tide.
Bust of Hector TituciusThe Emperor honours Hector Titucius as Supreme Servant.
"Strength in purpose is strength in deed."
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Bust of Hector Titucius
The Emperor honours Hector Titucius as Supreme Servant.
"Strength in purpose is strength in deed."
{Book 4: The Red Sekhema's Saddle}

In return for her military support in the rebellion, Voll promised Sekhema Deshret the return of the Maraketh grazing lands stolen during the imperial conquest of the Vastiri Plains. The Red Sekhema agreed on one condition, that she might have Hector Titucius' skin with which to fashion a rhoa saddle.

To this end, Voll and Deshret engineered a trap for General Titucius and his Vastiri Legion. The Maraketh had long been able to predict the comings and goings of the vast and vicious dust storms that constantly plague the plains. Deshret located one such fledgling maelstrom within a day's march of Titucius' camp. For his part, Voll identified a number of imperial spies amongst the Maraketh and fed them false information regarding a potential tribal uprising. Taking the bait, Titucius had his Gemling legion surround the supplied location, thus placing himself squarely in the path of Deshret's dust storm.

On the third Galvano of Vitali 1333 IC, the tempest descended upon Titucius' legion with blinding, deafening ferocity. Deshret's {akhara}, born and raised in dust and wind, swept through the legion, harvesting it like a field of ripe corn. Once storm and Maraketh fury had abated, the Vastiri Legion existed only as a multitude of dust-cloaked mounds. The Red Sekhema claimed her prize and it is said that there is no more comfortable saddle in all of Vastiri than Deshret's.

{ - Garivaldi, Chronicler to the Empire}
This isn't widely known, but Hector Titucius was an Ezomyte by birth.
"When a woman forgets how to die, a woman forgets how to live."

Deshret said that to her {dekhara} on the day she killed Titucius, Scourge of the Maraketh.

{I} say this of Dialla: When a woman knows nothing of life, how can she care for the living?
What little humanity General Titucius was born with, he traded in for strength. Went as far as to have Malachai replace his joints with virtue gems... mad bastard. Afterwards, Emperor Chitus charged Titucius with subduing the Maraketh, a job he took a little too much pleasure in, if you ask me.
Tell me something. Any chance you might be willing to join forces and turn a healthy profit with old Hargan? You ever heard of the Wings of Vastiri? Not just another damned artefact. This one was the highest symbol of office for the Maraketh, held by the "Sekhema of Sekhemas". History books say the Wings were last worn by Sekhema Asenath, the Golden Sekhema... the one who went and got herself murdered by Hector Titucius.

The only problem is that Titucius himself is up and guarding his pretties once more. Still, if you can recover those Wing of Vastiri then I'm confident I can sell them back to the Maraketh for a fair sum. They're a cultural icon after all, dripping with sentimental value.

What do ya say?
You found them! No easy feat, I'll bet. How's old Hector these days? Not so good after you crossed paths with him, am I right? I'll polish these wings up and get them back to their owners just as soon as my Maraketh friend can get her folks to pay the ransom... ahem, price, I mean.

In the meantime, take a little something from my stock as payment.
Well, they're forged from solid gold, I can tell you that much. But I suppose that's not really what you're asking about.

The wings are a treasured piece of the Maraketh heritage. Back when the tribes quit their squabblings and joined hands to battle the Eternal Empire, the wings were seen as a symbol of their unity. The Golden Sekhema wore them as she led the whole bloody Maraketh horde against Sarn. She was the single greatest hope for the Maraketh, was that Asenath.

Hector Titucius crushed both their hopes and their precious sekhema.
Titucius' Span
A mighty bulwark, curved and strong
A dauntless wall, against the throng
All lance and arrow, knocked aside
For rout of foe, for turn of tide.

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