Trarthus FlavourText /7 ⍟
Rusted Torment Scarab
Young Tsarsk, you were a broken and forgotten child lying glassy-eyed
in a flesh-pit in Trarthus, but the Order found and cleansed you.
Oh, Trarthus, how I miss your opium dens!
Nothing good ever comes from Trarthus. Let's hope this is the exception.
Stuck fast in the filthy mud of Wraeclast, thanks to one sultry little slave girl. I liberated her from the flesh pits of Trarthus and she repaid me in full, with sleight of hand and swift feet. Turned the coat of my first mate, took my hard-earned Allflame, and with it the wind out of my sails.

Find my Allflame, I beg of you. Until I feel its warmth again, I'm trapped here, high and dry until the sun's final setting.
A toast, to swift endings and promising new beginnings. Oh, and you might want to avert your gaze once I have quaffed this diabolical brew. I doubt that my return to solidarity will be a pretty one.

Right! As I used to say in the love dens of Trarthus... bottoms up, girls!
I had a life before Lioneye's Watch. Not much of one by some people's standards, but it was good enough for me.

Lilly and I, we'd smuggle a bit of booze to keep our purses full. We were good at it too. Made us a fine partnership, her quick mind and my steady nerves, right up until the day she left me drunk and trussed on Penance Quay. By the time the Blackguards unwrapped their present, she was halfway to Trarthus.

That's how I ended up here. Yes, it smarts a bit to look at her, but what right have I to say where the flotsam finally washes up?
Within the ruins of Highgate Refinery you shall find it. Trarthan Powder, a slightly more unstable blend to the kind found within the celebratory rockets and illuminations of Trarthus, this devious mixture of crumbled chemistry was once used to blast holes through even the thickest mountainsides. It will ensure that our mixture has the brute force required.

Though one should tread carefully within the refinery, for General Adus and his elite legionnaires sought refuge there during the first moments of Malachai's Cataclysm. If they remain, they will be creatures of darkest discipline. Strong men in health and life made even stronger in corruption and death.

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