Chitus Topic /14 ⍟
Chitus' Apex"It takes true strength to hold power,
and my grip grows tighter by the day."
- Emperor Chitus
Chitus' Needle"With this, I will weave the threads of fate
into a noose for our 'glorious' emperor."
- Chitus Perandus
Empire's Grasp"I like my vassals at sword point,
but my enemies as close as the hilt."
- Emperor Chitus
Weight of the EmpireOndar not only betrayed his emperor,
He betrayed his friend.
And in his dying moments, Chitus ensured,
That Ondar felt the full weight of his guilt.
Rapid ExpansionChitus began to aggressively expand his empire
into neighbouring nations at great human cost.
But for absolute power, there is no price
that a Perandus won't pay.
First SnowCadiro watched young Chitus play in the frostbitten grass, care-free, happy,
and unburdened by the responsibility the Perandus scion would soon endure.
Might and InfluenceEmperor Chitus could offer you a gift with one hand,
and drive a blade into your back with the other.
His blend of brutality and charisma cultured a potent
mixture of fear and admiration among the masses.
InevitabilityIzaro gave rise to Chitus.
Chitus gave rise to Voll.
None could know how it would end.
None could stop it.
Combat FocusVoll stood at the gates of Sarn, and a nation stood behind him.
He thought of the righteousness of his cause,
and of the glory he would bring to the empire he would soon lead.
But as Chitus and his gemlings advanced, he thought only of the fight.
Emperor's VigilanceChitus' success stemmed from his cunning, taking calculated
risks so that greater dangers could be averted.
Chitus' PlumAs succulent as blood, as sweet as power.
Lost Worlds{"There are worlds that lie beyond the edge of my page, the edge of my understanding. Worlds of wonder. Worlds of terror."
Aramil - Cartographer to Emperor Chitus}
Remembrance{"For all your struggles, all your achievements, even for the greatest of us, a story is all that remains. Write it well."

-Julius Perandus, Father of Chitus}
Hand of Arimor"Balabus Arimor was a little-known preacher during the days of Emperor Chitus,
who believed eternal life could be achieved through ritual sacrifice.
We shall see whether he was a prophet - or a charlatan."

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