Deshret Topic /4 ⍟
Snakebite"As the serpent shuns thought,
It shuns fear.
It strikes with the speed of wrath
And the skill of compulsion."
- Deshret, The Red Sekhema
Careful Planning"Greatly outnumbered, Deshret dressed her personal guard
in identical garb. When the Empire rode north, Deshret and
her guard took turns revealing themselves, creating the illusion
of speed beyond the capabilities of even the Virtue Gems."
- History of the Maraketh
Advancing Fortress"A man cowers behind his walls.
A woman carries her fortress with her.
In heart, in mind, in hand."
- Sekhema Deshret
Deshret's BannerWhen the sun sets, the plains should be red.

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