Unset Amulet
Requires Level 45
Has 1 Socket
Unset Amulet Amulet12 /8

Unset Amulet Amulet12 /8

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DropLevel 45
BaseType Unset Amulet
Class Amulets
FlagsCanHaveInfluence, CanBeCorrupted, CanBeSuperCorrupted, CanHaveIncubators, CanHaveAspects, CanAddVeiledMods, CanBeSkinnTransferred, CanScourge
Tagsnot_for_sale, amulet
Has 1 Socket

Has 1 Socket

DomainsItem (1)
GenerationTypeUnique (3)
Req. level7 (Effective: 5)
  • local has X sockets Min: 1 Max: 1 Local
  • Unique /1 ⍟

    Unique /1 ⍟

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    GiftofUulNetolUul-Netol's Vow Unset Amulet
    Has 1 Socket
    Socketed Support Gems can also Support Skills from your Body Armour
    (-30–30)% to Fire Resistance
    (-30–30)% to Cold Resistance
    (-30–30)% to Lightning Resistance
    (-23–23)% to Chaos Resistance
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