Marceus Topic /6 ⍟
Lioneye's Glare"See without doubt, slay without hesitation."
- Marceus Lioneye of Sarn
Lioneye's RemorseMarceus' unblemished shield is a testament
to his arrogance... and his fate.
Lioneye's Vision"The Virtue Gems are a gift from the land,
our land, and we will not let our gifts
be destroyed by savages."
- Marceus Lioneye
Pitch DarknessWith a fire burning brash in his golden eye,
Marceus fired his arrow into the pitch-dark sky,
And seared the hope of surprise,
From Kaom's skulking horde.
Bust of Marceus LioneyeThe Emperor honours Marceus Lioneye as Supreme Servant.
"The road to Glory is paved with Sacrifice."
The Lion{The Eternals lauded his valour. The Karui relished his defeat. Yet the final thoughts of Marceus Lioneye were naught but lament for his pride.}

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