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NessaMerveil dwells in the caves beyond the wrecks, at the head of Siren's Cove.

Leave her be and we can only hope that she continues to return the favour.
NessaI thought you were a fool for seeking out Merveil. A fool in love with death. Now... I don't know.

Still, you've delivered this coast from the terrors that long held sway here. We may now find some respite and that's more than any of us could have hoped for.

But please... consider this. What have you become when even nightmares fear you?
TarkleighIf you have to quench your curiosity about Merveil, go look at the corsairs that haunt the grave of ships. Like any mother, Merveil's got hungry mouths to feed.
TarkleighDamn me! I didn't think it possible. All these souls Merveil and her brood have consumed over the years... you've done right by those that are dead, and by those who still might live.
BestelQuite the lady killer, aren't you? That singing squid didn't stand a chance. Knew it, from the first time I saw those sharp peepers of yours.

Pirates notwithstanding, I thank you on behalf of all the fallen brethren of the waves. Now that the final cadence has been played, no one need remember Merveil's song.
BestelSiren's Cove belongs to Merveil.

Those butchering buccaneers sailed off that way, the ones that plundered my poor Merry Gull. T'would be poetic justice if they'd stopped off for a sing-a-long with Merveil's lovely daughters on their way home.
Captain FairgravesMy loveliest neighbour in this most salubrious of neighbourhoods. Facing Merveil and finding my Allflame are two mutually exclusive endeavours. I'd much prefer you to live to see your errand fulfilled.

Although, it is possible that my wayward slave girl fell prey to one of Merveil's slithering progeny. If that be the case, you look resourceful enough to handle a tentacled wench or two. But if Merveil herself has my flame, be very wary. That necklace of hers provides the old siren with some subtle wiles indeed.
Weylam RothIt's a bit of an embarrassing affair, truth be told.

Thought I could return to the golden days, you know? Be a terror of the high seas like in me youth. Problem was, they'd all forgotten me. Those young blighters sailing about, they had no clue who I even were! Figured if I could complete another great feat, like slaying that sea-bitch Merveil, maybe that'd earn me my respect back.

Arr, suppose I don't need to tell you; that girlie's stronger than she looks. All it took were one slip of the old hands and next I knew, the Black Crest were wrecked against the coast and I'm getting meself eaten alive by that hag.

Peeled each separate muscle from my bones, she did. I'll tell you, it weren't pretty.
Merveil Pet
Merveil's Wedding Dress"Let's just hope she wasn't wearing it when she wandered into the sea!"
Merveil Text Audio /5 ⍟
I gave away my heart... on the promise of a lie... I gave away my love for nothing.
I wait for his return... Daresso. I wait... a good wife.
I am so cold and lonely. Embrace me.
At last. I have so much I wish to share with you.
This is love's true face!

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