Achievements Challenge /129 ⍟
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ChallengerComplete the Labyrinth in a non-Hardcore league.
LeaderComplete the Cruel Labyrinth in a non-Hardcore league.
LordComplete the Merciless Labyrinth in a non-Hardcore league.
FearlessComplete the Labyrinth in a Hardcore league.
DauntlessComplete the Cruel Labyrinth in a Hardcore league.
IndomitableComplete the Merciless Labyrinth in a Hardcore league.
Mercy KillingKill Brutus, Warden of Axiom Prison.
The Star of WraeclastKill Merveil, the Siren.
A New DawnVanquish the Vaal Oversoul.
Rest for the WickedDefeat Piety in her laboratory.
HunterKill Dominus as the Ranger.
SaviourKill Dominus as the Templar.
UsurperKill Dominus as the Witch.
AssassinKill Dominus as the Shadow.
ChampionKill Dominus as the Duelist.
ConquerorKill Dominus as the Marauder.
SeekerKill Dominus as the Scion.
FreedomFree the Scion.
Beginning of the EndReach level 60 as a non-Hardcore character.
Foot of the MountainReach level 70 as a non-Hardcore character.
Scaling the LadderReach level 80 as a non-Hardcore character.
Diminishing ReturnsReach level 90 as a non-Hardcore character.
SurvivorReach level 60 as a Hardcore character.
UndyingReach level 70 as a Hardcore character.
ImmortalReach level 80 as a Hardcore character.
EternalReach level 90 as a Hardcore character.
LocomancerTag every waypoint as one character.
No Loose EndsComplete every side-quest as one character.
All EarsListen to all optional NPC dialogue as one character.
No Stone UnturnedDiscover all environmental lore as one character.
Left to ChanceCreate a Unique item using an Orb of Chance.
Well-ConnectedCreate an item with six linked sockets using an Orb of Fusing.
GemlingHave a Skill Gem reach level 20.
OverchargedHave 15 combined Endurance, Frenzy, and Power Charges active simultaneously.
Elemental TrinitySlay an enemy that is simultaneously Ignited, Shocked, and Frozen.
Geared UpEquip a Rare or Unique item in every non-Flask slot.
CryomancerShatter 5 monsters with a single action.
One of a KindEquip a Unique item.
Paradigm ShiftAllocate a Keystone Passive Skill.
ExplorerFully clear an end-game Map area.
  • Alira Darktongue
  • Kraityn, Scarbearer
  • Oak, Skullbreaker
  • Golden TouchOpen a Large Chest.
    Ancestral PowerHave 3 Totems alive at one time.
    Out of the GateReach level 8 in any Race Event.
    Capture the FlagCapture a Flag in PvP.
    Zombie HordeHave 9 Raised Zombies at the same time.
    Elemental AegisHave at least 75% resistance to Fire, Cold, and Lightning.
    Dream within a DreamHave a Unique Map drop within a Unique Map.
    Beginner's LuckHave a Unique Item drop in the Twilight Strand in Act 1.
    Full Clear: Dread ThicketFully clear the Dread Thicket.
    SpecialistAllocate a character's fourth Keystone Passive.
    Full Clear: CatacombsFully clear the Catacombs.
    Raise the BarHave 90% resistance to any Element.
    Full Clear: ArchivesFully clear the Archives.
    Band TogetherJoin a public party.
    Full Clear: Ship Graveyard CaveFully clear the Ship Graveyard Cave.
    Vaal GemlingHave a Vaal Skill Gem reach level 20.
    Full SpectrumCorrupt an item to have a white socket.
    Behold My ArmyHave 60 Minions at the same time.
    Hostile TerritoryCorrupt a map to have eight mods.
    Dream CorruptionCorrupt a map into a Vaal Temple map.
    Cut-throatKill another player in any mode or league.
    Virtue CorruptionCorrupt a skill gem into a Vaal skill gem.
    Dream EnrichmentEnhance a map with a Vaal fragment.
    Identity CorruptionCorrupt an item to have a new implicit mod.
    Queen of SacrificeKill Atziri in the Apex of Sacrifice.
    GladiatorFully clear the Colosseum end-game Map.
    CleanserFully clear The Harvest.
    PurifierKill Voll, Emperor of Purity.
    Umbra SlayerKill Shavronne of Umbra.
    Dispelling the CurseKill Doedre Darktongue.
    Bringer of PainKill Maligaro, The Inquisitor.
    Releaser of SoulsKill the Eater of Souls in the Core end-game Map.
    SoothsayingHand in a full set of Divination Cards.
    End of the NightmareKill Malachai, The Nightmare.
    Invested with BloodReserve 95% or more of your Life.
    Defence Against the DarknessLand the killing blow on the Vaal Oversoul while you have the Fortify Buff active.
    Stranger in a Strange LandKill a Rogue Exile in Kaom's Stronghold.
    Engulfed in FlamesLand the killing blow on the Burning Man while you are burning.
    Time CapsuleOpen a Vaal Vessel in a corrupted zone.
    Maraketh Steel
  • One Handed Mace
  • Two Handed Mace
  • Sceptre
  • Staff
  • Wand
  • Claw
  • Bow
  • Rapier
  • One Handed Axe
  • Two Handed Axe
  • One Handed Sword
  • Two Handed Sword
  • Dagger
  • Alchemist's StoneCraft a Jewel with four mods using an Orb of Alchemy.
    ImperfectionsCorrupt a Unique Jewel into a different Unique Jewel.
    Unique InfluenceEquip a Unique Jewel with a radius.
    Catch these Fish
  • Moeanu, The Undying
  • Tikiheme, Lord of Minnows
  • Roha, The Impaler
  • Tawatawa, Who Devours the Land
  • Tuatini, Rhoa Hunter
  • Kina, Fairgraves' Bane
  • Ngoiro, Who Slithers Beneath
  • Tikati, The Gemfish King
  • Makohuarau, The Fallen Angler
  • Koura, The Iron Claw
  • EmperorComplete the Eternal Labyrinth in a non-Hardcore league.
    UntouchableComplete the Eternal Labyrinth in a Hardcore League.
    HereticKill High Templar Dominus.
    Loyal to the EndKill Argus.
    Treasure HunterKill Izaro and have him drop 3 treasure keys.
    DeicideKill a god and obtain their power.
    Two of a KindEquip two unique items with the same name.
    DecimationComplete a map area that is affected by 10 or more mods. This can include mods from Sextants and other mods that are not on the map item.
    One Small StepOpen a map in the map device and step through its portal.
    Beyond DeathKill Beidat, Archangel of Death.
    All in a Day's WorkComplete a Master's Atlas Mission.
    The Forsaken Masters
  • Alva — The Vaal Omnitect
  • Niko — Aul, the Crystal King
  • Einhar — Farrul, First of the Plains
  • Jun — The Syndicate Mastermind
  • Zana — The Shaper and the Elder
  • Deadly SinsObtain every Pantheon power.
    OmnipotentFully upgrade every god power.
    Essence CorruptionCorrupt an Essence monster with a Remnant of Corruption.
    QuintessenceKill a monster that is under the influence of five Essence mods.
  • Uruk Baleh
  • El'Abin, Bloodeater
  • Leli Goya, Daughter of Ash
  • Bin'aia, Crimson Rain
  • Yorishi, Aurora-sage
  • Jeinei Yuushu
  • Otesha, the Giantslayer
  • Musky "Two-Eyes" Grenn
  • Susara, Siren of Pondium
  • Lussi "Rotmother" Roth
  • Rama, The Kinslayer
  • Kalria, The Risen
  • Invari, The Bloodshaper
  • Lokan, The Deceiver
  • Marchak, The Betrayer
  • Berrots, The Breaker
  • Vessider, The Unrivaled
  • Morgrants, The Deafening
  • AugmentationUse an orb to change the mods of a Strongbox.
    UnforgettableDefeat The Elder.
    Fall of OriathComplete Part 1.
    King TideKill Tsoagoth, the Brine King
    Widow's LamentKill Arakaali, Spinner of Shadows.
    Eternal EclipseKill both Lunaris and Solaris in the same encounter.
    Rule of ThreeKill the Depraved Trinity.
    Sin and SalvationComplete Part 2.
    Apprentice CartographerHave a Voidstone socketed in your Atlas.
    Journeyman CartographerHave two Voidstones socketed in your Atlas.
    Master CartographerHave three Voidstones socketed in your Atlas.
    Atlas of WorldsComplete every map on the Atlas.
    GrandmasterComplete the Hall of Grandmasters.
    Sacrifice of the VaalKill Atziri in the Alluring Abyss.
    New World OrderApply an Awakened Sextant to a Voidstone.
  • Esh, Forked Thought
  • Tul, Creeping Avalanche
  • Uul-Netol, Unburdened Flesh
  • Xoph, Dark Embers
  • Chayula, Who Dreamt
  • AscendancyChoose an Ascendancy class.
    Ruler of the CourtComplete the Vinktar Square
    Shaper of WorldsDefeat the Shaper.
    King CartographerHave four Voidstones socketed in your Atlas.
    Sirus, Awakener of WorldsDefeat Sirus, Awakener of Worlds
    Defeat The MavenAccept The Maven's Invitation and defeat The Maven.
    The Star-Strewn AbyssDefeat The Black Star
    The Unearthly DevourerDefeat The Infinite Hunger
    The Scintillating FlameDefeat The Searing Exarch
    The Ravenous MawDefeat The Eater of Worlds

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