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PoEDB Pastebin of Exile

PoEDB pastebin for Path Of Building builds.

Public API

For third-party integrations there are currently two public URLs:

  • GET /pob/:id/raw: fetch raw data
  • POST /pob/api/paste: share your build
    • {"content": "build base64 encode"}

Be sure to include a User-Agent that identifies your application and includes contact information, such as: User-Agent: app-name/version hosted.domain (contact: foo@bar, discord#0000).

  • Path of Building: Community Fork
  • PoeCharm: Localization PoB, support tw/cn/kr languages.
  • Summary
  • pobbin: 12041
  • pobcode: 23509
  • pastebin: 2022
  • pobninja: 926
  • summary: 38498
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