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Cadiro PerandusMy name is Cadiro Perandus, Lord of the Coin and the former Minister of Finance. There was a time when I had grown enormously comfortable in my opulence and influence; but alas, my fortunes were snatched away by the cruel hands of fate... stashed away in troves to evade the prying hands of Voll, the Usurper, and scattered hither and thither during that frightful Cataclysm. I have made every attempt to recover the lost caches of the Perandus family, with a substantial degree of success... thankfully, for I must appease the Lord of the Underworld to stay alive.
First SnowCadiro watched young Chitus play in the frostbitten grass, care-free, happy,
and unburdened by the responsibility the Perandus scion would soon endure.
Allelopathy"Nothing is more natural than competition.
One feasts, another starves.
One blossoms, another withers.
And one cannot catch the golden sunlight
without casting a bitter shadow."
- Cadiro Perandus
Cadiro Perandus
Cadiro's Coin Purse

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