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Active and temporary effects can be placed on characters. strengthening or weakening the character considerably. They are shown on the top left corner with a short description when hovered over.

Types of effects

Effects can both be negative or positive depending on if it was an enemy, the character or an ally that inflicted it. They're often inflicted by auras, curses, when within ground effects or when the character is hit by special skills. Many of them are active for a short duration, some of them can also stack leading to even stronger effects.


Buffs have a green border and are shown in one row at the upper left corner. These can originate from skill gems, passive skills and unique items.

Minions and totems also generate icons. They always precede the temporary effects and are separated by a bar.


Debuffs have a red border and are shown in separate row below Buffs / positive effects. These can originate from skill gems, passive skills and unique items.

Flask Effects

For more information, see Flask.

All the utility flasks and all the affixes on them can create gold bordered temporary effects. Futhermore certain uniques like Doryani's Invitation grant additional temporary effects while other flasks effects are active. Some unique flasks also grant additional effects like Divination Distillate. Flask effects overwrite each other the only exception is which shows the implicit mod of an Quicksilver Flask with a of Adrenaline suffix, both count as different effects.


The first number show the duration left, after which the charges expire. The number below is the quantity of those charges.


Certain skills display a icon indicating the current state of some mechanic. The first shows Reave and the second a shrine, which is considered a skill as well. They have the same border color as charges. There's been no need to distinguish the two thus far.

Minions & Totems

Shows a list of minions. The number indicates the number of minions of those kind, if there is only one a red life bar is shown instead. For more information, see the Minion and Totem articles.

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