Prophecy CurrencyItemisedProphecy /9
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DropLevel 1
BaseType Prophecy
Class Stackable Currency
SoundAudio/Sound Effects/ItemSounds/orb_use.ogg
ReferenceCommunity Wiki
Prophecy Shop /6 ⍟
Prophecy Portrait Frame
Adds the Prophecy Portrait Frame to this character.
Shroud Helmet
Changes the appearance of any equipped headdress to the Shroud helmet.
Shroud Boots
Changes the appearance of any equipped boots to the Shroud boots.
Shroud Gloves
Changes the appearance of any equipped gloves to the Shroud gloves.
Shroud Body Armour
Changes the appearance of any equipped body armour to the Shroud body armour.
Shroud Mask
Adds the Shroud mask to your headdress

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Prophecies are visions of a character's future, provided by Navali. They can be purchased for one

Silver Coin and are stored in the prophecy screen. These prophecies influence the future of what happens to the player's character. Some can change areas to generate different encounters or to force various outcomes to occur. Others trigger when a condition occurs and change the result.

For an additional cost of Silver Coins ranging from 1 to 9, Navali can seal prophecies, turning them into items so that they are tradeable. This allows players to delay their fate, or capitalize on it. Sealing prophecy chains will reset the quest state of that prophecy chain to 1. Conversely activating a sealed prophecy will set the quest state to the activated one, no matter where the state has been before.

Prophecies that do not trigger upon loading an area will not trigger ever for that area unless sealed and reused. This does not include maps.

There are currently 230 Prophecies that can spawn in the game.

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