Recombinator Mods /52 ⍟

Recombinator Mods /52 ⍟

68SuffixYour Cold Damage can Ignite elemental fire cold ailment Str Helmets
68SuffixYour Fire Damage can Shock elemental fire lightning ailment Dex Helmets
68SuffixYour Lightning Damage can Freeze elemental cold lightning ailment Int Helmets
68Suffix(30–40)% increased Effect of Arcane Surge on you One Handed Weapon
68Suffix(50–70)% increased Effect of Arcane Surge on you Two Handed Weapon
68Suffix(15–20)% increased effect of Non-Curse Auras from your Skills aura Amulets
68PrefixAdds 2 to 4 Cold Damage to Attacks per 10 Dexterity elemental cold attack Dex Boots
68PrefixAdds 2 to 4 Fire Damage to Attacks per 10 Strength elemental fire attack Str Boots
68SuffixEnemies Taunted by your Warcries take (10–15)% increased Damage damage One Handed Weapon
68SuffixEnemies Taunted by your Warcries take (20–25)% increased Damage damage Two Handed Weapon
68SuffixAcrobatics Body Armours
68SuffixAncestral Bond damage Body Armours
68SuffixAvatar of Fire elemental_damage damage elemental fire Body Armours
68SuffixBlood Magic resource life mana Body Armours
68SuffixCall to Arms Body Armours
68SuffixCrimson Dance physical_damage bleed damage physical attack ailment Body Armours
68SuffixDivine Shield defences Body Armours
68SuffixDoomsday curse Body Armours
68SuffixEldritch Battery defences Body Armours
68SuffixElemental Equilibrium elemental_damage damage elemental Body Armours
68SuffixElemental Overload elemental_damage damage elemental critical Body Armours
68SuffixGhost Dance defences Body Armours
68SuffixGhost Reaver resource life defences Body Armours
68SuffixIron Grip damage attack Body Armours
68SuffixIron Will caster Body Armours
68SuffixLethe Shade ailment Body Armours
68SuffixMagebane Body Armours
68SuffixMinion Instability elemental_damage damage elemental fire minion Body Armours
68SuffixBlood Magic resource life mana Body Armours
68SuffixPain Attunement damage caster Body Armours
68SuffixPerfect Agony damage critical ailment Body Armours
68SuffixPoint Blank damage attack Body Armours
68SuffixResolute Technique attack critical Body Armours
68SuffixRunebinder caster Body Armours
68SuffixSolipsism ailment Body Armours
68SuffixSupreme Ego resource mana aura Body Armours
68SuffixThe Agnostic resource life mana defences Body Armours
68SuffixThe Impaler physical_damage damage physical Body Armours
68SuffixVaal Pact resource life Body Armours
68SuffixVersatile Combatant Body Armours
68PrefixAdds 1 to 5 Lightning Damage to Attacks per 10 Intelligence elemental lightning attack Int Boots
68PrefixMagic Utility Flasks applied to you have (20–25)% increased Effect Belts
68Suffix(30–40)% increased Effect of your Marks caster curse Quivers
68Prefix+1 to Maximum Endurance Charges Rings
68Prefix+1 to Maximum Frenzy Charges Rings
68Prefix+1 to Maximum Power Charges Rings
68Suffix(30–40)% increased Onslaught Effect One Handed Weapon
68Suffix(50–70)% increased Onslaught Effect Two Handed Weapon
68PrefixSocketed Gems are Supported by Level 4 Empower gem Str Gloves
68PrefixSocketed Gems are Supported by Level 4 Enhance gem Dex Gloves
68PrefixSocketed Gems are Supported by Level 4 Enlighten gem Int Gloves
68PrefixSocketed Triggered Skills deal Double Damage damage gem Shields
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In the Sentinel League, you may find a new type of rare currency: Recombinators. These allow you to apply the Sentinel Assembly process to your actual items, taking any two pieces of equipment from the same item class and combining them together. While the results are unpredictable, this process could merge the best elements of each item, potentially adding an exclusive new modifier, to create something of unprecedented power.


  1. Choose one of the two items being Recombinated. This will be the base of your final item, and anything tied to that base will be present on the final item. This includes: Influence type, Mirrored tag, Split tag, Corrupted tag, quality, implicits (Corrupted, Synthesized, Influenced), Enchants, and Anoints.
  2. Combine all of the Prefixes of both items into one modpool, then combine all the Suffixes of both items into a separate modpool.
  3. Choose a number of mods from each pool. The number of mods chosen depends on the total number of mods within that pool.
    • 1 Mod in the pool
      66.6% to choose 1 mod
      33.3% to choose 0 mod
    • 2 Mods in the pool
      33.3% to choose 2 mods
      66.6% to choose 1 mods
    • 3 Mods in the pool
      20% to choose 3 mods
      50% to choose 2 mods
      30% to choose 1 mod
    • 4 Mods in the pool
      35% to choose 3 mods
      55% to choose 2 mods
      10% to choose 1 mod
    • 5 Mods in the pool
      50% to choose 3 mods
      50% to choose 2 mods
    • 6 Mods in the pool
      70% to choose 3 mods
      30% to choose 2 mods
  4. Combine the chosen Prefixes and the chosen Suffixes to make your final item.
  5. After the final item is formed, a new mod may be added. The chance for this to happen depends on many factors.


  • Item Level average and round
  • corrupted usable
  • choose one base type, keep it's influence, sockets, links, implicits, corrupted
  • choose pick modifier from one of the two, maximum as same explicit modifiers counts
    • modifiers could be upgrade or downgrade
    • work for 2/3 essence modifiers
    • work for legacy modifier
    • work for 2 fractured modifiers
    • don't respect metamods

Additional Modifier

There are limited item class for additional modifier.


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