Summon Greater Harbinger of Focus Unique /1 ⍟
+12% to all Elemental Resistances
Grants Summon Greater Harbinger of Focus Skill
+(60–80) to maximum Life
+(10–15)% to all Elemental Resistances
(30–50) Mana gained when you Block
+5% Chance to Block
Channelling Skills deal (50–70)% increased Damage
Summon Greater Harbinger of Focus
Level: 1
Cooldown Time: 6.00 sec
Requires Level 1
Summons an immortal Harbinger minion. While you are channelling, the minion will occasionally cast a buff on you that reduces the Damage you take, makes you avoid all Stuns and Elemental Ailments, and prevents Curses affecting you.
Maximum 1 Summoned Harbinger
alternate minion [8]
Level Effect /1
Maximum 1 Summoned Harbinger
LevelRequires LevelExperience

Summon Greater Harbinger of Focus

CostiLvl 1: Normal: 3xArmourer's Scrap · Normal: 10000xGold
BaseType Summon Greater Harbinger of Focus
TargetTypesAny, Ground, Enemy
TypeTriggerable, Mineable, Minion, MinionsCanExplode, MinionsAreUndamagable, Multicastable, Spell, Totemable, Trappable, CreatesMinion, Cooldown

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