Acquisition /1 ⍟
Tributo a la Diosa
Fragmento de mapa
Las recompensas del Laberinto se han enriquecido.
Las recompensas del laberinto han sido enriquecidas
labyrinth override chest difficulty [5]
Puedes apelar a la Diosa para solicitar otro veredicto,
pero la justicia solo favorece a los verdaderamente dignos.
Viaja a la Plaza de los Aspirantes y usa este objeto para abrir el Laberinto Eterno de Fortuna.
Tribute to the Goddess
Tributo a la Diosa CurrencyOfferingToTheGoddessTribute /10
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DropLevel 1
BaseType Tribute to the Goddess
BaseType Tributo a la Diosa
Class Fragmentos de mapa
MTX Tab Stacks5000
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Tribute to the Goddess

Tribute to the Goddess is a map fragment. This item grants access to the Eternal Labyrinth of Fortune from Aspirant's Plaza.

The primary bonus reward is "The Labyrinth's rewards have been enriched". The labyrinth itself is area level 83, and both Izaro and traps have multiple buffs. It uses the same daily layout as the Eternal Labyrinth.

Labyrinth have added modifiers:

  • 100% increased experience gain;
  • 30% increased damage taken from hits from labyrinth traps;
  • 30% increased effectiveness of damage over time debuffs from labyrinth traps on players;
  • Izaro has 50% increased area of effect;
  • izaro has 30% increased attack, cast, and movement speed;
  • Izaro deals 60% increased damage;
  • izaro has 400% increased maximum life;
  • labyrinth monsters have 30% increased attack, cast, and movement speed;
  • labyrinth monsters have 200% increased maximum life;
  • +50% monster pack size;

Item acquisition

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