Act 9 Quest /7 ⍟
Act: 9
Solve all the Trials of Ascendancy to access the Merciless Labyrinth.
Act: 9
Talk to Sin in Highgate about the Beast and what to do.
Act: 9
Reward: 1 Passive Skill Points, Soul of Garukhan
Kira has kidnapped Oyun and plans to sacrifice her to Garukhan, a Maraketh Goddess. Kill Kira and save Oyun.
Act: 9
Reward: One Hand Axes
Find the Storm Blade in the Desert and deliver it to Petarus and Vanja in Highgate.
Act: 9
Reward: 2 Passive Respec Points
Petarus and Vanja have asked you to find the fabled Maraketh relic, the Calendar of Fortune, somewhere in the Foothills.
Act: 9
Reward: 1 Passive Skill Points, Soul of Shakari
You have found a strange sandstorm in the Vastiri Desert blocking the way to the Oasis. Talk to Sin in Highgate about clearing it.
Act: 9
Jun wants you to help her find the Immortal Syndicate.
Text Audio /1 ⍟
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Act 9

Act. 9 (around 30 minutes with minimal practice) - This act is pretty short! Even though it seems long, like most of the acts in the second part of the story.

You've now reached "The Blood Aqueduct", this is a GREAT place to farm for missing exp so you don't get any penalties as you finish up the storyline.

BUT... don't fall for it, it's a HORRIBLE place to farm for Currency. Rares are ... rare, jewelry is nearly non-existant and there's no real currency drops.

You DO NOT want to farm this zone! You will want to get around lvl 62 or so, and if your character feels REALLY weak, you can stay until around lvl 66, no more!

  1. Make your way through "The Blood Aqueduct" and into "Highgate" and head down "The Descent" into "The Vastiri Desert".

  2. In the Desert, it's important you find the waypoint!

  3. You first need to find "The Storm Blade", it's location can be at the bottom right, the middle-ish rightside or even the far left... It can be pretty much anywhere, so don't feel bad if you struggle finding it.

  4. Once you have it from finishing the encouter, head straight top-right of the layout and then follow this topside wall left until you find the entrace to "The Oasis".

  5. Open up a Portal and talk to Sin and Petarus, this will award you with the "Bottled Storm" required to access "The Oasis". Head back into your portal with it and you can now enter "The Oasis".

  6. "The Oasis" is a big circle / square and the entrace to "The Sand Pit" is always in one of its "corners". You can just hug the top or bottom wall the entire way until you find the entrance.
    Kill the boss and pick up the Quest item, then you can logout.

  7. Take the waypoint back to "The Vastiri Desert" and head top-left, you will find the entrance to "The Foothills".

  8. When you enter, go straight all the way until you hit a stone wall, then follow the wall left until you find the waypoint. Grab that and head in "The Boiling Lake".

  9. "The Boiling Lake" seems worse than it is, you basically want to just head in the exact opposite direction of the entrance and you will find the mini-boss. Kill him and logout, or take a portal back to town.

  10. Head back to "The Foothills" waypoint from town and this time go straight left until you hit a stone wall, then go UP while also going left some more, you will find "The Tunnel".

  11. Around the beginning of "The Tunnel", either of the Left or Right side, you will find your next Trial of Ascendancy. Make sure to find this before going forward!

  12. Once you've done the Trial, follow along the layout until you find the exit to "The Quarry". Then just make a line straight to the MIDDLE, Sin will be waiting for you.
    "The Quarry" is a big square and the both of those are locatedin the MIDDLE of the left, top or right side of the layout, something like this.

  13. Grab the waypoint and then find your way to either "The Refinery " or the mini-boss for the Skill Point.

  14. Once you've found both the mini-boss and cleared "The Quarry" for the Quest Item, head back to Sin.

  15. You can now enter "The Belly of the Beast", this layout sucks, but try your best not to get lost. Make your way through to "The Rotting Core".

  16. Follow along the top-side of the layout in "The Rotting Core" and it will lead you directly to the boss-room. Kill him and head over to THE FINAL ACT!

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