Prophecy Perandus Rampage
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Strongbox /15

Prefix /15

LevelNameModDrop Rate
8ArcticFreezes you when activated4.42%
chest_play_warning_sound []
8ContaminatedSpreads Caustic Ground
chest_play_warning_sound []
25VibratingCasts Lightning Storm
chest_play_warning_sound []
10ScorchedCasts Firestorm
chest_play_warning_sound []
1IncandescentIgnites you when activated4.42%
15WhisperingCasts a random Hex Curse Spell when activated4.42%
4PutrifyingDetonates nearby corpses
chest_play_warning_sound []
35RallyingGuarded by a stream of Monsters1.11%
1Reaper'sRevives nearby dead Monsters with Onslaught4.42%
10Intimidatingchest_delay_drops_until_daemons_finish []
Guarded by a pack of Magic Monsters
35Menacingchest_delay_drops_until_daemons_finish []
Guarded by 3 Rare Monsters
12ContestedGuarded by a Rogue Exile4.42%
2Ossifiedchest_delay_drops_until_daemons_finish []
Summons Skeletons
1Frigidchest_play_warning_sound []
Casts Ice Nova

Suffix /15

LevelNameModDrop Rate
40of UnityContained Items are fully Linked0.44%
1of Ascendance+1 Chest level1.33%
1of Ascendance+(2–3) Chest level1.33%
1of Ascendance+(4–5) Chest level1.33%
40of KalandraContains Mirrored Items3.54%
1of ProphecyContains (2–4) additional Silver Coins0.44%
20of ComplexityContained Items have (1 to 2) Socket3.54%
1of QualityContained Items have (1–20)% Quality3.54%
8of AffluenceContains (1–3) additional Rare Item3.54%
4of CuriositiesContains (1–5) additional Magic Item3.54%
1of AbundanceContains (3–8) additional Items3.54%
1of WisdomContains Identified Items3.54%
45of SingularityContains an additional Unique Item0.22%
4of Treasures(100–250)% more Rarity of Contained Items3.54%
1of Bounty(30–60)% increased Quantity of Contained Items3.54%
Strongboxes The Help Panel

Strongboxes The Help Panel


Special chests, called Strongboxes, can be found throughout Path of Exile. Unlike ordinary chests, Strongboxes are protected by monsters that must be defeated before the Strongbox will relinquish its treasures. Although Strongboxes are not technically items, they do share some special traits in common with many of Path of Exile's items. Specifically, Strongboxes have mods and, like items, these mods can be changed with the use of currency. There are several different kinds of Strongbox to find, each one providing different amounts or kinds of items. Here are a few of the more common ones:

It is often worth carrying some currency items with you, so you can modify any strongboxes you happen to come across. The difference between a normal Strongbox and a well-crafted magic Strongbox can be quite significant.

Your Stash The Help Panel

Your Stash The Help Panel

Your Stash

While out in the wilds of Wraeclast, you might've run out of bag space and found that you couldn't pick anything else up. Luckily, every Town and Hideout in Path of Exile comes with a stash. The items you put in your stash can be accessed wherever a stash can be found. You'll find the same items you stashed in Lioneye's Watch waiting for you at the Forest Encampment, your Hideout, and anywhere else with a stash.

Every Town and Hideout has a stash.

In fact, all your other characters in the same league can also access the same stash, so if you get a great bow while playing your Marauder, you can stash it to use on your Ranger later.

Expanding Your Stash

At some point you may find yourself running low on stash space. Extra stash tabs can be bought in the Microtransactions shop, and once purchased, will be available in every league. They come in a few different varieties:

Basic stash tabs are functionally identical to your free tabs.
Premium stash tabs can be labelled and colour-coded for ease of use, and allow you to list items for sale. You can price each item individually or set a price that applies for every item in the tab.
The specialised stash tabs, such as the Currency stash tab, can hold thousands of specific items, far exceeding the normal stack-size limits, and keep them neatly organized.

All stash tabs have a search bar at the bottom that lets you search for and and filter out items, so you can quickly find what you are looking for. The items in your stash never go away. However, when a temporary league ends, all the items in your stash will be moved to the stash in its permanent equivalent. When this happens, your items can be found in stash tabs labelled "Remove Only". These will hold your items indefinitely, but anything removed from a Remove Only tab can't be returned to that tab.

Remove-only tabs keep your items safe and sound after a challenge league ends.