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Prophecy Perandus Rampage
The Pantheon Fossil Catalysts Delirium Orb Scarab Breachstone Emblem Timeless Jewel Divination Card
Text Audio /74 ⍟

Text Audio /74 ⍟

EnterCannibalBayNot the most pleasant of arenas, but it'll have to do, for now.
EnterPrisonIt's to be a cage fight then. I can live with that.
EnterShipGraveyardI almost feel sorry for these doomed sea dogs.
EnterChamberofSinsA place of soiled dreams. I'll have to tread carefully here.
EnterSolarisTempleIt's seems there's glory in the old empire yet.
EnterLunaris2Piety's home away from home. Let's see if the sick witch is in.
EnterSceptreOfGodClimb the tower, kill the mad king. Just like the stories my mum used to read to me.
EnterAqueductA stroll along a picturesque canal. Some time in the mountains. What could be more relaxing?
EnterDriedLakeNow this is... grim.
EnterMines1There's nothing like making a ground-shaking entrance.
EnterMines2Actually, I'm really not sure I like the sound of that.
EnterCrystalVeinsBuried under tons of rock? Not a good way to end this tale of mine.
EnterKaomDreamI once heard a Karui mention their 'island of the dead'. Perhaps this is it.
EnterBellyOfTheBeastI'm inside it... the Beast itself!
EnterHarvestThis thing gets more twisted with every step I take.
KillBiteZombieEven the dead rise to challenge me here.
KillBrutusSkill beats size, every time.
KillFairgravesIt's not everyday that I get to duel with a legend. Thank you, Fairgraves.
KillMerveilWe stand at death's door. Ladies first, fair Merveil.
KillOakWell fought, Oak. A shame we have only the trees for audience.
KillKraitynA pity your mind wasn't as swift as your blades, bridge rat.
KillAliraIt's hard to cast a spell with a blade in your throat, isn't it, witch?
KillVaalOversoulA duel like no other. I think I'm starting to like this Wraeclast.
KillGraviciusDying in battle... the only honourable thing you've ever done, Gravicius.
KillPietySorry, beautiful, but someone had to put a stop to all this ugliness.
KillDominusA just death to address an unjust exile. I think we're even now, High Templar.
KillVollIt seemed to me, Voll, that I just did you a favour.
KillDaressoYour glory will be remembered in song forever, Daresso. I promise you that.
KillKaomJust be happy that you got a warrior's death, Kaom.
KillMaligaroTake comfort, Maligaro. An artist's work is always worth more when he's dead.
KillShavronneFlattery will get you nowhere with me, m'lady.
KillDoedreI didn't catch a word of what you said, Doedre. That's probably a good thing.
KillMalachaiIt's a strange feeling, when the fighting is done. I've won. The nightmare is ended.
EventUnleashDarknessThis can't be good.
EventFreedDeshretAlways happy to help a damsel in distress.
EventPietySacrificeOh, well, far be it from me to deny a lady's final wish.
CooldownI can't do this just yet.
CooldownI can't do this just yet.
NoManaMy spirit is spent.
NoManaMy spirit is spent.
InvFullI believe in travelling light.
InvFullI believe in travelling light.
FlaskAh... that hit the spot.
FlaskAh... that hit the spot.
KillRareA worthy opponent!
KillRareA worthy opponent!
KillRareYou die rather well!
KillRareYou die rather well!
KillRareDidn't even break a sweat!
KillRareDidn't even break a sweat!
KillRarePractice makes perfect!
KillRarePractice makes perfect!
KillRareI do love the stink of victory!
KillRareI do love the stink of victory!
LowSTRI'll need to build up some muscle for this one.
LowSTRI'll need to build up some muscle for this one.
LowINTCan't quite get my head around this one.
LowINTCan't quite get my head around this one.
LowDEXNeed to be a little more deft to use this.
LowDEXNeed to be a little more deft to use this.
QuestItemI think this'll come in handy at some point.
QuestItemI think this'll come in handy at some point.
SkillTownThere'll be time for that soon enough.
LevelUp2It's nice not to be dead, yet.
LevelUp3It seems this new arena suits me.
LevelUp5Couldn't ask for a better training ground than Wraeclast.
LevelUp10My fans in Oriath will barely recognise me.
LevelUp15I'm starting to think there's more to life than prize or perish.
LevelUp20I believe I could give the great Daresso a run for his money, now.
LevelUp30I think it's time to shed the dream of home. It's a little tight around the collar.
Duelist14I favour a fair fight. I doubt I'll get one in this place.
Duelist28Damn me, it's good to be back in the arena!
Duelist65There'll be time for that soon enough.
Dom_Intro_Duelist.oggYou were born to be swift and strong. What did you do with your gifts, Duelist? You squandered them on self-indulgence.

Sin has led you here, your path inked in the blood of gratuitous murder.

You have betrayed the Grand Arena. Now Wraeclast shall be your audience... and your foe.

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The Duelist is Path of Exile's plusstrengthStrength/plusdexterityDexterity hybrid class, making him unmatched at dealing and avoiding damage. He can effectively use a shield, but is equally comfortable slashing away with a powerful two-hander or fighting with weapons in both hands. His powerful arms can draw the strings of the heaviest and most lethal longbows. His highly honed reflexes give him a cat-like ability to dodge and parry incoming attacks, be they arrows or axe swings. The Duelist is a daunting foe, and his reputation as a ruthless killer is well deserved.

The equipment associated with the Duelist's strength and dexterity are Helmets, Scale/Bridagines/Doublets/Lamellar, Scale Gauntlets, Scale Boots, and Round Shields.

Base stats

Stat Value
Intelligence 14
Dexterity 23
Strength 23
Life 62
Mana 47
Damage per second 4.3
Chance to hit 89%
Attacks per second* 1.2
Main hand total combined damage 2-6
Main hand physical damage 2-6
Main hand accuracy rating 46
Main hand critical strike damage multiplier* 150%
Endurance charges* 0/3
Physical damage reduction per endurance charge* 4%
Additional elemental reduction per endurance charge* 4%
Frenzy charges* 0/3
Attack speed increase per frenzy charge* 4%
Cast speed increase per frenzy charge* 4%
Damage modifier per frenzy charge* 4% more
Power charges* 0/3
Critical strike chance increase per power charge* 50%
Evasion rating 59
Chance to evade* 32%
Fire resistance* 0%
Cold resistance* 0%
Lightning resistance* 0%
Chaos resistance* 0%
Mana regen per second 0.8
  • Same for all classes

Ascendancy classes

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