Blueprint: Tunnels
Portal: Tunnels
Heist Target: Unusual Gems
Area Level: 68
Wings Revealed: 0/1
Escape Routes Revealed: 0/1
Reward Rooms Revealed: 0/1
Requires Level 55
Use Intelligence to Reveal additional Wings and Rooms by talking to certain NPCs in the Rogue Harbour. Give this Blueprint to Adiyah to embark on the Grand Heist.
Blueprint: Tunnels HeistBlueprintRobotTunnels /8

Blueprint: Tunnels HeistBlueprintRobotTunnels /8

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DropLevel 55
BaseType Blueprint: Tunnels
Class Blueprints
Vaal Orb Corrupted Implicit /0

Vaal Orb Corrupted Implicit /0


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Blueprint: Tunnels

Blueprint: Tunnels is a HeistBlueprint base type. The final reward room of this Grand Heist almost always contains alternative quality gem, or rarely, Heist-exclusive unique item. The required NPC skills, flavour text, number of wings, rewards from side reward rooms, however, are random.

The layout use Tunnels tileset.



Image Name & Type Description
Imgur Exploding ground
On death effect
  • Certain monsters like the Clockwork Sentry will always trigger the exploding ground effect when they are killed.
  • This also occurs when some rare/unique enemies are killed.
  • To avoid taking damage, players need to stand away from the exploding ground, otherwise they will take high typeless damage.


Image Name Type Image Name Type
Imgur Ember Auto-Scout Monster Imgur Frost Auto-Scout Monster
Imgur Tireless Sentry Monster Imgur Rusty Crusher Monster
Imgur Clockwork Sentry Monster Imgur GDB0-Y Monster
Imgur Firebuzz Monster Imgur Firespout Totem
Imgur Frostspout Totem Imgur Oscillotron Rare or Magic Mini Boss
Imgur Auto-Enforcer Rare or Magic Mini Boss Imgur Ashblessed Warden Rare or Magic Mini Boss
Imgur Loyalguard Mk 4 Unique Boss Imgur GR8B0-Y Unique Boss

Unique versions

There are currently no unique items for this base item type.

Item acquisition

Contracts drop from anywhere in the game except during a heist or grand heist. They also drop from Smuggler's Caches.

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