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Dodge is a layer of defence that grants a chance to prevent a damaging hit. The chance to dodge is a random roll made per attack/cast; it is not entropy-based like evasion nor is it affected by accuracy. Dodge is capped at 75% and is rolled before block. Damage avoidance is a separate mechanic and is rolled after block.


There are two types of dodge:

  • Dodge Attacks applies to attacks. It is rolled after evasion and is not connected to the attacker's accuracy, so chance to dodge is unaffected by evasion-related mechanics such as blind, Resolute Technique or Unwavering Stance.

  • Dodge Spell Damage applies to spells. It is rolled before damage mitigation.

Dodge Attacks and Dodge Spell Damage are both capped at 75%.


Certain unique monsters can use Vaal Grace.

Blackguard Stalkers can dodge attacks and spells.

Tormented Rogue's Touch grants 33% Chance to Dodge Attacks, while its Grip grants 33% Chance to Dodge Attacks and 33% Chance to Dodge Spells.



Helping Kraityn during the quest Deal with the Bandits grants 3% Chance to Dodge Attacks, as well as 6% increased Attack and Cast Speed and 6% increased Movement Speed.


The Soul of Lunaris Major Pantheon power has an upgrade that grants 5% chance to Dodge Attacks and Spells if you've been Hit Recently.


The Elusive buff grants 15% Chance to Dodge Attacks and 15% Chance to Dodge Spells. The chance decays over time.

Base types


The Fall of Oriath introduced several new tiers of suffix modifiers to Dexterity body armour and shields that grant attack dodge and several new tiers of suffix modifiers to Dexterity shields that grant spell dodge. These modifiers also affect Dexterity hybrid attribute base items, including Sacrificial Garb. The Essences of Loathing and Scorn provide suffix mods that grant attack dodge and spell dodge, respectively, on body armour and boots. Corruption can grant a corrupted implicit mod on boots that gives (2 to 4)% Chance to Dodge Attacks. Certain helmet and boot Enchantments can grant conditional dodge or spell dodge.

War for the Atlas included new types of items along with mods that involve dodge. Notably, Shaped and Elder items can have dodge and spell dodge on boots as special suffix modifiers. Dodge is associated with the Shaper, while spell dodge is associated with the Elder. Both rolls can reach up to 10% but are mutually exclusive. There is also a Shaped mod for shields that grants (3-5)% chance to Dodge Attacks if you have Blocked Recently. Abyss Jewels can roll 2% chance to Dodge Attacks and Spells if you've been Hit Recently, similar to the Lunaris Pantheon power upgrade. The Elder can drop Watcher's Eye, which can roll two distinct modifiers related to dodge: (6-10)% chance to Dodge Attacks while affected by Grace and (5-8)% chance to Dodge Spells while affected by Haste.

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